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Equipment & Facilities

The research of IMI personnel is supported by computational and image processing facilities in the Interdisciplinary Mathematical Institute which are housed in Sumwalt College (Sumwalt 203-206).

The IMI maintains a high performance computing and graphics laboratory (Sumwalt 219-220) with secure limited access on a Gigabit network.The primary server for the center is an Apple G5 dual processor XServe with a 3.5 Terabyte X-Raid storage array (ARO DURIP 2003), supported by additional servers including two multiprocessor linux servers and corresponding RAID storage. Six dual processor Apple G5's (ARO DURIP 2003) with high-end graphics are housed in the laboratory for research by IMI faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Additional scientific computing instrumentation includes a dedicated virtual reality system, including a PowerWall passive stereo display supporting four haptic devices, and Dell PowerEdge 4600 with 12 GBytes of SDRAM.

In 2008 a major upgrade of IMI’s computational infrastructure was completed with support provided by the National Science Foundation and the Office for Naval Research:

  • NSF EPSCoR RII (Computational analysis and modeling of vascular systems for biofabrication):
    • A GPU-enabled cluster with one master node (4 TeraByte RAID-5)
    • 12 CUDA-capable compute nodes(1 TeraByte RAID-0). Each node consists of 2 AMD Shanghai Quad core Opteron processors with 32 GB RAM. MPI connection is Mellanox Infiniband DDR on a Gigabit network. IMI has contributed to subsequent major expansions (acm-chem) by the Applied and Computational Math research program.
  • ONR DURIP 2008:
    • Jupiter - Sunfire X4600 Server (4 quadcore processors and 128 GB RAM)
    • Saturn - Sunfire X200 m2 (2 quadcore processors and 16 GB RAM) connected to SUN J4200 12 TByte Storage Array
    • Neptune - Sunfire X4200 Server (2 quadcore processors) and 16 GB RAM
    • Five high-end Apple MacPro Workstations and six iMacs.

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