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IMI Bylaws

of the
Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute

20 September 2016

I. Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI) exists within the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of South Carolina (USC). The Institute serves to foster advanced interdisciplinary mathematical research with the potential for meaningful application and to facilitate its transfer to the academic, government and industrial sectors.

II. Membership

Persons desiring membership shall submit an application to the Executive Committee, which will decide on membership. The membership categories are:

Regular Member: Tenure-track or emeritus USC faculty member who has performed or has the potential to perform high quality interdisciplinary research with significant mathematical content.

Associate Member: Individual whose current research is associated with IMI and who is not a regular member.

Only Regular Members shall have voting privileges.

III. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of five IMI Regular Members (elected by the voting membership) and the Director ex officio (who will serve as a nonvoting member). The Committee, once constituted, shall select a Chair from among its members (other than the Director). Nominations for Executive Committee members shall be gathered and requisite elections held via email communication between August 16 and September 15 of each year. Elected members shall serve two-year terms, beginning September 16 of the year of election.

The Executive Committee shall provide advice and consent to the Director through:

  • evaluation of recommendations for official agreements of collaborations with federal, industrial, and academic research centers and laboratories;
  • evaluation of membership in the IMI;
  • guidance on the selection of IMI-funded visitors, postdocs and personnel;
  • guidance on primary annual expenditures.

IV. Director

The Director shall be a Regular Member of the IMI, elected by the IMI voting membership (and subject to the Dean's approval) to a term of three years. The Director's term shall begin on July 1 of the year of election. In addition to administering the IMI, the Director shall:

  • represent the IMI to the research community, the university administration, academic research centers, research laboratories, and potential sponsors;
  • present an annual budget report to the Executive Committee;
  • formally supervise the IMI research and administrative support staff and prepare annual staff reviews;
  • prepare publications to promote IMI research and related activities;
  • maintain the IMI web site.

V. Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet each year after the new members have been elected but no later than September 30, and otherwise as necessary; a quorum shall consist of three members. A general meeting of the IMI shall be held at least once annually after the annual Executive Committee meeting, but no later than September 30; a quorum shall consist of a majority of the voting members.

VI. Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board shall provide guidance to the IMI Director in identifying areas of research compatible with the IMI mission and in further enhancing its research effectiveness. The Board Members will be selected on the basis of their research reputations, their standing in the international research community, and their potential to guide development of IMI research programs. Membership on this committee will be reviewed on an annual basis.

VII. Staff, Facilities, and Infrastructure

The support staff of the IMI includes a Program Coordinator and an Academic Program Manager provided by the College. Computer system support is provided by the College.

The IMI maintains the IMI Computational and Image Processing Laboratory, located in Sumwalt 203-204, 206, and the IMI Visualization Facility, in Sumwalt 219-220. Through IMI research grants, the Laboratory is equipped with state of the art computational, imaging, and graphics hardware and software.

For the benefit of the larger research community, the IMI maintains a preprint series of research articles and scientific technical reports.

VIII. Financial

Funding for the IMI shall be through funds appropriated by the State, gifts, grants and contracts, together with a portion of the indirect costs generated. When submitting grant proposals, IMI members should specify the analytical distribution among units to which they belong.

IX. Amendments and Review of the Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the IMI voting membership, at any general meeting or by email ballot, provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing or by email to the membership at least seven days in advance of the intended ballot date.

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