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Research Areas

Numerical Analysis and Algorithms
Modeling, Simulation, and Computational Math
Classical Analysis: Approximation Theory and Harmonic Analysis
Learning Theory, Stochastic Analysis, and Compressive Sensing
Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, and Applications
Image Processing and Computer Vision
Number Theory and Applications
Optimization and Variational Methods
Theory, Computation and Modeling of Advanced Materials
Computer Algebra
Name Network Science
Bennett, Colin
Binev, Peter G.
Cooper, Joshua
Czabarka, Éva
Dahmen, Wolfgang
DeVore, Ronald A.
Dix, Daniel
Filaseta, Michael
Griggs, Jerrold R.
Gudkov, Vladimir
Ju, Lili
Liu, Xinfeng
Lu, Linyuan Lincoln
Meade, Douglas
Oskolkov, Konstantin I.
Petrushev, Pencho
Sharpley, Robert C.
Sun, Yi
Sutton, Michael A.
Székely, László
Temlyakov, Vladimir
Trifonov, Ognian
Vasquez, Paula
Vogt, Thomas
Wang, Hong
Wang, Qi
Wang, Zhu
Yang, Xiaofeng
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