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2019 Seminars

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars

Fri Apr 19 , 2:30pm
Vu Thai Luan
Southern Methodist University
Efficient exponential integrators for large-scale stiff systems and applications
Thu Apr 11 , 3pm
Christopher Henderson
University of Chicago
Front slowdown due to non-local interactions
Fri Apr 05 , 2:30pm
Yongki Lee
Georgia Southern University
Wave breaking in a class of non-local conservation laws
Fri Mar 29 , 2:30pm
Geng Chen
Kansas University
Poiseuille flow of nematic liquid crystals via Ericksen-Leslie model
Fri Mar 08 , 2:30pm
Tim Schulze
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lattice and Off-lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo
Fri Feb 15 , 2:30pm
George Androulakis
University of South Carolina
From quantum random walks to quantum computations
Fri Feb 08 , 2:30pm
Shuang Liu
University of South Carolina
Numerical methods for a class of reaction-diffusion equations with free boundaries
Fri Feb 01 , 2:30pm
Chunmei Wang
Texas Tech University
Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for PDEs
Tue Jan 29 , 3pm
Rob Stevenson
University of Amsterdam
Stability of Galerkin discretizations of parabolic evolution equations
Fri Jan 25 , 2:30pm
Hyung-Chun Lee
Ajou University, Korea
Comparison study of random PDE optimization problems based on different matching functionals

Discrete/Combinatorics Seminars

Fri Apr 12 , 2:30pm
Zhiyu Wang
University of South Carolina
Find Berge hypergraphs by looking at the shadow
Fri Apr 05 , 2:30pm
Heather Smith
Georgia Tech
Separating the Tree-Chromatic Number from the Path-Chromatic Number
Fri Mar 29 , 2:30pm
Joshua Thompson
University of South Carolina
Poset Ramsey Numbers for Boolean Lattices
Fri Mar 22 , 2:30pm
Josiah Reiswig
University of South Carolina
On the $k$-Steiner radius and $k$-Steiner Diameter of a graph with $k\geq 5$
Fri Mar 01 , 2:30pm
Elena S. Dimitrova
Clemson University
Unique Reduced Gröbner Bases of Ideals of Points
Fri Feb 22 , 2:30pm
Daniel Pade
University of South Carolina
Complexity of Regex Crosswords
Fri Feb 15 , 2:30pm
Rigoberto Florez
The Citadel
Projective Rectangles
Fri Feb 08 , 2:30pm
Michael Levet
University of South Carolina
Graph Homomorphisms and Vector Colorings
Fri Feb 01 , 2:30pm
Gregory Clark
University of South Carolina
Low Codegree Coefficients of the Characteristic Polynomial of a Hypergraph
Fri Jan 25 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
The P-Machine, A Random-Like Deterministic Process


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