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2014 Seminars

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars

Mon Feb 10 , 1pm
Leo Rebholz
Clemson University
Efficient algorithms for approximate deconvolution models of incompressible flow
Mon Feb 17 , 1pm
Yi Sun
University of South Carolina
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Multicellular Aggregate Self-Assembly in Biofabrication
Mon Feb 24 , 1pm
Miao Yu
University of South Carolina
Graphene-Based Molecular Filters
Mon Mar 03 , 1pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A fast numerical method for the Neumann boundary-value problem of a space-fractional diffusion equation
Mon Mar 17 , 1pm
Paramita Chakraborty
University of South Carolina
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
Fri Mar 21 , 9:50am
Di Liu
Michigan State University
A Multiscale Method for Optical Responses of Nano Structures
Mon Mar 24 , 1pm
Jin Peng
Sichuan University
From genomics to metabolomics, the systematic review of network regulation, A new perspective of medicine.
Wed Apr 02 , 1pm
YaGang Zhang
North China Electric Power University
Inherent Randomicity of Nonlinear Dynamical System and its Engineering Applications
Mon Apr 07 , 1pm
Haijun Yu
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Numerical Study of the Global Stability of Plane Poiseuille Flow
Tue Apr 08 , 4:20pm
Zhen Wu
Shandong University
On the Wellposedness of Forward-Backward SDEs— A Unified Approach
Mon Apr 14 , 1pm
Tarek Shazly
University of South Carolina
Inverse Boundary Value Problems in Vascular Mechanics
Mon Apr 21 , 1pm
John Eberth
University of South Carolina
Cardiovascular Engineering and the Influence of Hemodynamics on Growth and Remodeling
Mon Apr 28 , 1pm
Francesca Tantardini
Universita degli Studi di Milano
Quasi-optimality in the backward Euler-Galerkin method for linear parabolic problems
Mon Oct 27 , 1pm
Olga Mula
RWTH Aachen
The GEIM to Inter-play with Data and Numerical Simulations for Real-Time Decisions
Fri Nov 07 , 1pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
3D Hydrodynamic Mathematical Modeling and Simulations for Cell Morphology and Mitotic Dynamics
Fri Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Xiaoming He
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Immersed Finite Elements and their Applications to the Problems of Charging in Space
Fri Nov 21 , 1pm
Feng Bao
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Filtering Problems

Discrete/Combinatorics Seminars

Fri Feb 07 , 11am
Linyuan Lincoln Lu
University of South Carolina
Graphs and Hypergraphs with Small Spectral Radius
Fri Feb 21 , 11am
Michael Griffin
Emory University
A framework of Rogers-Ramanujan identities and their arithmetic properties
Fri Feb 28 , 11am
Edward Boehnlein
University of South Carolina
Subgraphs in Random Non-uniform Hypergraphs
Fri Mar 07 , 11am
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Sudoku and Graphs: Critical Sets
Fri Mar 21 , 11am
Daniel Rorabaugh
University of South Carolina
Probabilistic Bounds on Zimin Word Avoidance
Fri Mar 28 , 11am
Taylor Short
University of South Carolina
Towards Vizing's Independence Number Conjecture
Fri Apr 11 , 11am
Despina Stasi
Illinois Institute of Technology
Hydras: Horn formulas and directed hypergraphs
Fri Apr 18 , 11am
E.S. Mahmoodian
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran
Some Hypercube Problems and Conjectures
Fri Apr 25 , 11am
Shoudong Man
Connected Hypergraphs with Small Spectral Radius
Fri Sep 05 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
The Complexity of Counting Poset and Permutation Patterns
Fri Sep 12 , 2:30pm
Linyuan Lincoln Lu
University of South Carolina
Unavoidable Multicoloured Families of Configurations
Fri Sep 19 , 2:30pm
László Székely
University of South Carolina
$k$-planar crossing numbers
Fri Sep 26 , 2:30pm
Daniel Rorabaugh
University of South Carolina
Combinatorial Nullstellensatz
Fri Oct 03 , 2:30pm
Kayvan Sadeghi
Carnegie Mellon University
A Connection between Networks, Graphical Models, and Exchangeability
Fri Oct 17 , 2:30pm
Garner Cochran
Berry College
Generating functions and Wilf equivalence for generalized interval embeddings
Fri Oct 31 , 2:30pm
Ann Clifton
University of South Carolina
Lower Bound for the Packing Chromatic Number of Cubic Graphs
Fri Nov 07 , 2:30pm
Rao Li
University of South Carolina Aiken
Spectral Conditions for Some Hamiltonian Properties of Graphs
Fri Nov 14 , 2:30pm
Taylor Short
University of South Carolina
An extremal problem related to degree sequences of graphs
Fri Nov 21 , 2:30pm
Rigoberto Flórez
The Citadel
Counting non-decreasing Dyck paths
Fri Dec 05 , 2:30pm
Wei Li
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Hypergraph Expander Mixing Lemma


General Seminar

Tue Mar 04 , 3pm
Gerard Kerkyacharian
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles aléatoires
Regularity of Gaussian Processes in a Geometrical Framework
Tue Mar 11 , 3pm
George Kyriazis
University of Cyprus
Atomic and molecular decompositions of distributions in the framework of Dirichlet spaces
Wed Mar 26 , 4pm
Martin Lind
Karlstad University
Functions of Generalized Bounded Variation and Integral Smoothness
Tue Apr 22 , 4pm
Dany Leviatan
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Comparing the Degrees of Unconstrained and Constrained Approximation By Polynomials
Tue Aug 26 , 2:40pm
Hui Zhang
Beijing Normal University
The Phase Transition and Large Deformation Theory of Macromolecular Microsphere Composite Hydrogel
Tue Sep 02 , 4pm
Shai Dekel
Tel-Aviv University
On Exact Recovery of Signals from the Projection onto Polynomial Spaces


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