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2015 Seminars

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars

Mon Feb 16 , 1pm
Robert Eisenberg
Rush University Medical Center
Mathematics of Ions in Channels and Solutions: Stochastic Derivations, Direct, Variational and Inverse Solutions that fit Data
Mon Mar 02 , 1pm
Jacek Wrobel
Tulane University
Beyond Stokes Flow, Complex Biofluids – Motility in Highly Heterogeneous, Viscoelastic Media
Mon Mar 16 , 1pm
Juan Caicedo
University of South Carolina
Model updating of structural systems
Mon Mar 30 , 1pm
Qingshan Chen
Clemson University
Mimetic and convergent discretization of vector fields on unstructured meshes
Mon Apr 13 , 1:30pm
Xiaofeng Wang
University of South Carolina
Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Uncertain Constrained Dynamic Systems
Mon Apr 20 , 1pm
Timo Heister
Clemson University
A parallel solution approach for crack propagation using adaptive mesh refinement
Fri Apr 24 , 1pm
Jianfeng Lu
Duke University
Localization and fast algorithms for electronic structure models
Mon Aug 31 , 1:15pm
Lingyun Qiu
Petroleum Geo-Services, Houston
Analysis of the Magneto-acoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction (MAT-MI)
Mon Sep 21 , 1:15pm
Benjamin Berkels
RWTH Aachen
An image registration framework for sliding motion with piecewise smooth deformations
Mon Oct 12 , 1:15pm
Guanghua Ji
Beijing Normal University
Phase Transitions of Macromolecular Microsphere Composite Hydrogels Based on the Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Mon Oct 19 , 1:15pm
Yanlai Chen
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Reduced basis methods and their application in data science and microbiome analysis
Fri Oct 30 , 1:15pm
Jian Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Design and Implementation of Compact Exponential Time Differencing Method for Phase Field Simulations
Mon Nov 02 , 1:15pm
Karin Leiderman
University of California, Merced
Mathematical Modeling of Thrombus Formation Under Flow
Mon Nov 09 , 1:15pm
Hyesuk Lee
Clemson University
Finite element approximation of fluid-structure interaction problems based on Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation
Mon Nov 23 , 1:15pm
Seong Jun Kim
Georgia Tech
Long time computation of multiscale dynamical systems

Discrete/Combinatorics Seminars

Fri Jan 23 , 2:15pm
Stephen Fenner
University of South Carolina
The complexity of some regex crossword problems
Fri Jan 30 , 2:30pm
Wei-Tian Li
National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan
Intersecting $k$-uniform families containing all the $k$-subsets of a given set
Fri Feb 06 , 2:15pm
László Székely
University of South Carolina
Markov chains on Abelian groups provide constructions for the diamond problem
Fri Feb 13 , 2:30pm
Gábor Hetyei
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Counting permutations and partitions of genus one
Fri Feb 20 , 2:15pm
Johann Makowsky
Technion- Israel Institute of Technology
Why is the chromatic polynomial a polynomial?
Fri Feb 27 , 2:30pm
Ioannis Rekleitis
University of South Carolina
Algorithmic Problems Related to Robotics
Fri Mar 20 , 2:30pm
Tom Trotter
Georgia Institute of Technology
Analogies between Dimension and Chromatic Number
Fri Apr 03 , 2:30pm
Heather Smith
Davidson College
On the Computational Complexity of Genome Rearrangement
Fri Apr 10 , 2:30pm
Svetlana Poznanovikj
Clemson University
Maximal chains in fillings of moon polyominoes
Fri Apr 17 , 2:30pm
Daniel Rorabaugh
University of South Carolina
Doubled-Word Density Distribution
Fri Apr 24 , 2:30pm
Edward Boehnlein
University of South Carolina
Computing Diffusion State Distance using Green's Function and Heat Kernel on Graphs
Mon Aug 31 , 3:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Spectra of Random Hypergraphs and the Symmetric Bernoulli Hyperensemble
Mon Sep 14 , 3:30pm
Ryan Causey
University of South Carolina
Coloring members, pairs, and chains in trees
Mon Sep 21 , 3:30pm
Linyuan Lincoln Lu
University of South Carolina
Laplacian Spectra for Random Graphs and Hypergraphs
Mon Sep 28 , 3:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Generalized De Bruijn Cycles
Mon Oct 12 , 3:30pm
Michael Levet
University of South Carolina
Network Structure and Activity in Boolean Networks
Mon Oct 19 , 3:30pm
Gregory Clark
University of South Carolina
On de Bruijn Sequences with Varying Combs
Mon Oct 26 , 3:30pm
Jerrold R. Griggs
University of South Carolina
Tiling the n-cube Graph with Copies of a Given Graph
Mon Nov 02 , 3:30pm
Marco Valtorta
University of South Carolina
Parameter Identifiability of Discrete Bayesian Networks with Hidden Variables
Mon Nov 09 , 3:30pm
Garner Cochran
Berry College
A Combinatorial Model for RNA Folding
Mon Nov 23 , 3:30pm
Stephan Wagner
Stellenbosch University
Shape of Tanglegrams
Mon Nov 30 , 3:30pm
Anton Strizhov
University of South Carolina
Threshold graphs, shifted complexes and graphical complexes


General Seminar

Tue Feb 24 , 4pm
Martin Krepela
Karlstad University
Bilinear operator inequalities with weights


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