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2016 Seminars

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars

Mon Feb 15 , 1:15pm
YueZheng Gong
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Some New Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Multi-symplectic Hamiltonian PDEs
Mon Feb 22 , 1:15pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
A Multiphase Complex-fluids Model for Collective Cell Motions on Patterned Substrate
Mon Feb 29 , 1:15pm
Lu Peng
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
A multiscale mathematical model of tumour invasive growth
Mon Mar 14 , 1:15pm
Yanzhao Cao
Auburn University
Backward SDE methods for nonlinear filtering problems
Mon Mar 21 , 1:15pm
Gabriel Terejanu
University of South Carolina
How can we ever trust extrapolative predictions?
Mon Mar 28 , 1:15pm
Junshan Lin
Auburn University
Mathematical Challenges for Wave Propagation in Nanostructures
Mon Apr 04 , 1:15pm
Jian-Guo Liu
Duke University
Euler sprays and optimal transportation
Wed Apr 06 , 3:45pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A preconditioned fast finite volume scheme for a fractional diffusion equation discretized on a locally refined composite mesh
Mon Apr 11 , 1:15pm
Jin Wang
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Cholera dynamics: Modeling, analysis and simulation
Mon Apr 18 , 1:15pm
Jie Chen
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Scalable Gaussian Process Analysis and Nonparametric Learning
Wed Apr 20 , 1:15pm
Alexander Brylev
University of South Carolina
A Decoupled and Energy Stable Scheme for Smectic-A Liquid Crystal Flows
Mon Apr 25 , 1:15pm
Xiaobing Feng
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Some recent developments on numerical methods for second order fully nonlinear PDEs
Thu Aug 04 , 3pm
Toby Sanders
Arizona State University
Inverse Methods for Noisy and Incomplete Data with Applications to Tomography and SAR
Mon Aug 22 , 1:15pm
Hongfei Fu
China University of Petroleum
POD Reduced-Order Model for Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations and its Applications in Parameter Identification
Tue Aug 23 , 4:15pm
Zineb Saghi
Improved Algorithms for Electron Tomography
Mon Sep 19 , 1:15pm
Abner Salgado
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
PDE Approach to Fractional Diffusion
Fri Sep 23 , 1pm
Xiaoqiang Wang
Florida State University
Phase Field modeling of Inter-Vesicle and Vesicle-Substrate interactions
Mon Oct 10 , 1:15pm
Michael Cromer
Rochester Institute of Technology
Flow-Induced Concentration Fluctuations in Polymer Solutions
Mon Oct 17 , 1:15pm
Kevin Carlberg
Sandia National Laboratory
Model reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems: discrete optimality and time parallelism
Mon Nov 07 , 1:15pm
Andrea Bonito
Texas A&M University
Bilayer Plates: From Model Reduction to Gamma-Convergent Finite Element Approximation
Mon Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Vincent Ervin
Clemson University
Regularity, and spectral type approximation, of the solution to the fractional order diffusion equation in 1-d
Fri Nov 18 , 1:15pm
Michael Neilan
University of Pittsburgh
Divergence-free-preserving discretizations of incompressible flow
Mon Nov 28 , 2:30pm
Andrea Benigni
University of South Carolina
System Level Challenges in Future Power Systems

Discrete/Combinatorics Seminars

Fri Jan 15 , 2:30pm
Anton Strizhov
University of South Carolina
Threshold graphs, shifted complexes and graphical complexes (II)
Fri Jan 22 , 2:30pm
Ian Roberts
Charles Darwin University
Various problems on finite set systems
Fri Feb 05 , 2:30pm
Stephen Fenner
University of South Carolina
Bipartite Perfect Matching is in quasi-NC
Fri Feb 12 , 2:30pm
Rigoberto Flórez
The Citadel
Projective Representation of Non-Representable Matroids (of Biased Graphs)
Fri Feb 19 , 2:30pm
Daniel Gray
Georgia Southern University
Superpatterns and Generalizations of Layered Permutations
Fri Feb 26 , 2:30pm
Hua Wang
Georgia Southern University
Integer compositions: subword patterns and parts
Fri Mar 04 , 2:30pm
Lauren Keough
Davidson College
Independent Sets in Hypergraphs
Fri Mar 18 , 2:30pm
Steve Butler
Iowa State University
Edge flipping on the complete graph
Fri Apr 01 , 2:30pm
Doug Rall
Furman University
Game Total Domination and Total Dominating Sequences
Fri Apr 08 , 2:30pm
Shuliang Bai
University of South Carolina
Classifying degenerate $\{2,3\}$-hypergraphs and 2-colored graphs
Fri Apr 15 , 2:30pm
Garrett Mitchener
College of Charleston
The search for $\mathrm{BOBIBD}(9,5,5,4,3)$
Tue Apr 19 , 4:30pm
Chris Rodger
Auburn University
Amalgamations and Hamilton Decompositions and symmetric Sudoku squares
Fri Apr 22 , 2:30pm
Robert Hough
Institute for Advanced Study
Random walk on unipotent groups
Fri Sep 09 , 2:30pm
Linyuan Lincoln Lu
University of South Carolina
Normalized Laplacian Tensor and Isoperimetric Inequalities for Uniform Hypergraphs
Fri Sep 16 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Throwing a Ball as Far as Possible, Revisited
Fri Sep 23 , 2:30pm
Michael Levet
University of South Carolina
Polynomial-time Isomorphism Test for Groups with Abelian Sylow Towers
Fri Sep 30 , 2:30pm
Ann Clifton
University of South Carolina
Price of Anarchy for Graph Coloring Games
Fri Oct 07 , 2:30pm
Garner Cochran
Berry College
A Combinatorial Chebyshev equality for d-Matching Polynomials
Fri Oct 28 , 2:30pm
Brittney Ellzey
University of Miami
The Chromatic Quasisymmetric Functions of Directed Graphs
Fri Nov 04 , 2:30pm
Heather Smith
Davidson College
Saturation for Induced Subsets
Fri Nov 11 , 2:30pm
Virginia Johnson
Columbia College
Areas of triangles and other polygons with vertices from various sequences
Fri Nov 18 , 2:30pm
Jason O'Kane
University of South Carolina
Algorithmic Questions on Combinatorial Filters
Fri Dec 02 , 2:30pm
Bill Kay
Emory University
Property O of Oriented Hypergraphs


General Seminar

Thu Apr 21 , 3pm
Dominique Picard
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires
Large data based algorithms for predicting the electric consumption
Tue Nov 08 , 4:15pm
Feng Dai
University of Alberta
Riesz transforms and fractional integrations for weighted orthogonal expansions on the unit sphere.
Fri Dec 02 , 1pm
George Kyriazis
University of Cyprus
Homogeneous Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in classical and nonclassical settings


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