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2017 Seminars

Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars

Mon Jan 23 , 1:15pm
Thi Thao Phuong Hoang
University of South Carolina
Space-time domain decomposition methods in mixed formulation for ow and transport problems in porous media
Thu Feb 16 , 11am
Sameed Ahmed
University of South Carolina
Compact Implicit Integration Factor Method for Solving High Order Differential Equations
Mon Feb 20 , 1:15pm
Xu Yang
University of California, Santa Barbara
Frozen Gaussian approximation with applications in seismology
Mon Mar 20 , 1:15pm
Garrett Mitchener
College of Charleston
How to evolve a neuron
Mon Apr 03 , 1:15pm
Xingjie Li
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Consistent coupling of nonlocal diffusion
Fri Apr 07 , 11am
Zhan Chen
Georgia Southern University
A multiscale model for cell sorting and heterogeneous tumor spheroid growth
Mon Apr 10 , 1:15pm
Jun Liu
Jackson State University
Efficient Numerical Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
Mon Apr 17 , 1:15pm
Shuwang Li
Illinois Institute of Technology
Dynamics of a multicomponent vesicle in shear flow
Tue Apr 25 , 1:30pm
Ming-Jun Lai
University of Georgia
Multivariate Splines for Numerical Solution of PDE
Fri Apr 28 , 1pm
Libin Rong
Oakland University
Virus and T cell dynamics in HIV-infected individuals
Tue May 23 , 11am
Ning Du
Shandong University
Fast finite element method for space-fractional dispersion equations
Mon Aug 14 , 1:30pm
Lei Zhang
Peking University
Recent Developments in Numerical Methods of Finding Saddle Points and its Applications in Materials
Mon Sep 18 , 2:15pm
Hans-Werner van Wyk
Auburn University
Clenshaw-Curtis Type Rules for Statistical Integrals
Mon Sep 25 , 2:15pm
Siwei Duo
University of South Carolina
The fractional Laplacian and its application to the fractional Schrödinger equation
Mon Oct 16 , 2:15pm
Fei Xue
Clemson University
Reliable computation of the rightmost eigenvalues of large matrices
Mon Oct 16 , 3:15pm
Yongtao Zhang
University of Notre Dame
Sparse grid Krylov IIF and WENO schemes for high spatial dimension convection-diffusion and hyperbolic equations
Mon Oct 23 , 2:15pm
Yi Wang
University of South Carolina
Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering for Complex Multiphysics Systems
Mon Nov 13 , 2:15pm
Fei Lu
Johns Hopkins University
Data assimilation with stochastic model reduction

Discrete/Combinatorics Seminars

Fri Jan 20 , 2:30pm
Garner Cochran
Berry College
Polynomial Chebyshev Quotients, Combinatorially
Fri Jan 27 , 2:30pm
Josiah Reiswig
University of South Carolina
k-Dependence on Hexagonal Boards
Fri Feb 03 , 2:30pm
Anton Strizhov
University of South Carolina
An application of graph theory in numerical analysis
Fri Feb 10 , 2:30pm
Inne Singgih
University of South Carolina
DNA Graph Characterization for Line Digraph of Dicycle With One Chord
Thu Feb 16 , 4:30pm
Ryan Martin
Iowa State University
Introduction to the edit distance in graphs
Fri Feb 17 , 2:30pm
Ryan Martin
Iowa State University
Methods in the computing the edit distance function
Fri Feb 24 , 2:30pm
Michael Levet
University of South Carolina
Quaternionic Quantum Walks
Thu Mar 16 , 4:30pm
David Galvin
Notre Dame University
Independent sets in regular graphs
Fri Mar 17 , 2:30pm
David Galvin
Notre Dame University
Taxi walks and the hard-core distribution on $\mathbb{Z}$^2
Fri Mar 24 , 2:30pm
Hays Whitlatch
Gonzaga University
A Characterization of Uniquely Pressable Simple Pseudo-Graphs
Fri Mar 31 , 2:30pm
Éva Czabarka
University of South Carolina
Number of nonisomorphic subtrees and inducibility concepts in trees
Fri Apr 07 , 2:30pm
Clifford Smyth
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Combinatorial formulas for restricted Stirling and Lah number matrices and their inverses
Fri Apr 14 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Deducing Vertex Weights from Empirical Occupation Times
Fri Apr 21 , 2:30pm
James McKeown
University of Miami
Coxeter Groups, The Waldspurger Decomposition, and Alternating Sign Matrices
Fri Sep 29 , 2:30pm
Jerrold R. Griggs
University of South Carolina
Poset-free Families of Subsets
Fri Oct 06 , 2:30pm
Lele Liu
Shanghai University
Spectral Radius and Degree Sequences of Uniform Hypergraphs
Fri Oct 13 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Graph Pressing Sequences and Binary Linear Algebra, Updated
Fri Nov 03 , 2:30pm
Axel Brandt
Davidson College
Extremal Graph Theory with Flag Algebras
Fri Nov 10 , 2:30pm
Arran Hamm
Winthrop University
On the Triangle Space of Random Graphs
Fri Nov 17 , 2:30pm
Heather Smith
Davidson College
Local dimension and the size of a poset
Fri Dec 01 , 2:30pm
Anton Strizhov
University of South Carolina
One-dimensional support vector machine and its connection to random Ferrers diagrams
Fri Dec 08 , 2:30pm
Joshua Cooper
University of South Carolina
Adjacency Spectra of Hypertrees and other Hypergraphs with Few Eigenvalues


General Seminar

Tue Jan 31 , 4:15pm
Oscar Dominguez Bonilla
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Fourier Analysis on Besov Spaces of Smoothness Zero
Thu Feb 23 , 4:15pm
Wolfgang Dahmen
University of South Carolina
Parametric PDEs: Sparse or low-rank approximations?
Fri May 12 , 1pm
Sergey Tikhonov
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Old and new results on polynomial inequalities
Tue Oct 17 , 4:15pm
Gerard Kerkyacharian
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles aléatoires
Dirichlet spaces, regularity spaces. Application to some classical topic rand Gaussian processes.
Tue Nov 21 , 2pm
Shai Dekel
Tel-Aviv University
Towards de-mystification of deep learning: function space analysis of the representation layers
Tue Dec 05 , 4:15pm
George Kyriazis
University of Cyprus
Hardy Spaces in classical and nonclassical settings


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