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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars


Mon Sep 25 , 2:15pm
Siwei Duo
University of South Carolina
The fractional Laplacian and its application to the fractional Schrödinger equation
Mon Sep 18 , 2:15pm
Hans-Werner van Wyk
Auburn University
Clenshaw-Curtis Type Rules for Statistical Integrals
Mon Aug 14 , 1:30pm
Lei Zhang
Peking University
Recent Developments in Numerical Methods of Finding Saddle Points and its Applications in Materials
Tue May 23 , 11am
Ning Du
Shandong University
Fast finite element method for space-fractional dispersion equations
Fri Apr 28 , 1pm
Libin Rong
Oakland University
Virus and T cell dynamics in HIV-infected individuals
Tue Apr 25 , 1:30pm
Ming-Jun Lai
University of Georgia
Multivariate Splines for Numerical Solution of PDE
Mon Apr 17 , 1:15pm
Shuwang Li
Illinois Institute of Technology
Dynamics of a multicomponent vesicle in shear flow
Mon Apr 10 , 1:15pm
Jun Liu
Jackson State University
Efficient Numerical Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
Fri Apr 07 , 11am
Zhan Chen
Georgia Southern University
A multiscale model for cell sorting and heterogeneous tumor spheroid growth
Mon Apr 03 , 1:15pm
Xingjie Li
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Consistent coupling of nonlocal diffusion
Mon Mar 20 , 1:15pm
Garrett Mitchener
College of Charleston
How to evolve a neuron
Mon Feb 20 , 1:15pm
Xu Yang
University of California, Santa Barbara
Frozen Gaussian approximation with applications in seismology
Thu Feb 16 , 11am
Sameed Ahmed
University of South Carolina
Compact Implicit Integration Factor Method for Solving High Order Differential Equations
Mon Jan 23 , 1:15pm
Thi Thao Phuong Hoang
Ho Chi Minh City University of Pedagogy
Space-time domain decomposition methods in mixed formulation for ow and transport problems in porous media


Mon Nov 28 , 2:30pm
Andrea Benigni
University of South Carolina
System Level Challenges in Future Power Systems
Fri Nov 18 , 1:15pm
Michael Neilan
University of Pittsburgh
Divergence-free-preserving discretizations of incompressible flow
Mon Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Vincent Ervin
Clemson University
Regularity, and spectral type approximation, of the solution to the fractional order diffusion equation in 1-d
Mon Nov 07 , 1:15pm
Andrea Bonito
Texas A&M University
Bilayer Plates: From Model Reduction to Gamma-Convergent Finite Element Approximation
Mon Oct 17 , 1:15pm
Kevin Carlberg
Sandia National Laboratory
Model reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems: discrete optimality and time parallelism
Mon Oct 10 , 1:15pm
Michael Cromer
Rochester Institute of Technology
Flow-Induced Concentration Fluctuations in Polymer Solutions
Fri Sep 23 , 1pm
Xiaoqiang Wang
Florida State University
Phase Field modeling of Inter-Vesicle and Vesicle-Substrate interactions
Mon Sep 19 , 1:15pm
Abner Salgado
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
PDE Approach to Fractional Diffusion
Tue Aug 23 , 4:15pm
Zineb Saghi
Improved Algorithms for Electron Tomography
Mon Aug 22 , 1:15pm
Hongfei Fu
China University of Petroleum
POD Reduced-Order Model for Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations and its Applications in Parameter Identification
Thu Aug 04 , 3pm
Toby Sanders
Arizona State University
Inverse Methods for Noisy and Incomplete Data with Applications to Tomography and SAR
Mon Apr 25 , 1:15pm
Xiaobing Feng
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Some recent developments on numerical methods for second order fully nonlinear PDEs
Wed Apr 20 , 1:15pm
Alexander Brylev
University of South Carolina
A Decoupled and Energy Stable Scheme for Smectic-A Liquid Crystal Flows
Mon Apr 18 , 1:15pm
Jie Chen
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Scalable Gaussian Process Analysis and Nonparametric Learning
Mon Apr 11 , 1:15pm
Jin Wang
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Cholera dynamics: Modeling, analysis and simulation
Wed Apr 06 , 3:45pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A preconditioned fast finite volume scheme for a fractional diffusion equation discretized on a locally refined composite mesh
Mon Apr 04 , 1:15pm
Jian-Guo Liu
Duke University
Euler sprays and optimal transportation
Mon Mar 28 , 1:15pm
Junshan Lin
Auburn University
Mathematical Challenges for Wave Propagation in Nanostructures
Mon Mar 21 , 1:15pm
Gabriel Terejanu
University of South Carolina
How can we ever trust extrapolative predictions?
Mon Mar 14 , 1:15pm
Yanzhao Cao
Auburn University
Backward SDE methods for nonlinear filtering problems
Mon Feb 29 , 1:15pm
Lu Peng
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
A multiscale mathematical model of tumour invasive growth
Mon Feb 22 , 1:15pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
A Multiphase Complex-fluids Model for Collective Cell Motions on Patterned Substrate
Mon Feb 15 , 1:15pm
YueZheng Gong
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Some New Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Multi-symplectic Hamiltonian PDEs



Mon Nov 23 , 1:15pm
Seong Jun Kim
Georgia Tech
Long time computation of multiscale dynamical systems
Mon Nov 09 , 1:15pm
Hyesuk Lee
Clemson University
Finite element approximation of fluid-structure interaction problems based on Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation
Mon Nov 02 , 1:15pm
Karin Leiderman
University of California, Merced
Mathematical Modeling of Thrombus Formation Under Flow
Fri Oct 30 , 1:15pm
Jian Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Design and Implementation of Compact Exponential Time Differencing Method for Phase Field Simulations
Mon Oct 19 , 1:15pm
Yanlai Chen
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Reduced basis methods and their application in data science and microbiome analysis
Mon Oct 12 , 1:15pm
Guanghua Ji
Beijing Normal University
Phase Transitions of Macromolecular Microsphere Composite Hydrogels Based on the Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Mon Sep 21 , 1:15pm
Benjamin Berkels
RWTH Aachen
An image registration framework for sliding motion with piecewise smooth deformations
Mon Aug 31 , 1:15pm
Lingyun Qiu
Petroleum Geo-Services, Houston
Analysis of the Magneto-acoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction (MAT-MI)
Fri Apr 24 , 1pm
Jianfeng Lu
Duke University
Localization and fast algorithms for electronic structure models
Mon Apr 20 , 1pm
Timo Heister
Clemson University
A parallel solution approach for crack propagation using adaptive mesh refinement
Mon Apr 13 , 1:30pm
Xiaofeng Wang
University of South Carolina
Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Uncertain Constrained Dynamic Systems
Mon Mar 30 , 1pm
Qingshan Chen
Clemson University
Mimetic and convergent discretization of vector fields on unstructured meshes
Mon Mar 16 , 1pm
Juan Caicedo
University of South Carolina
Model updating of structural systems
Mon Mar 02 , 1pm
Jacek Wrobel
Tulane University
Beyond Stokes Flow, Complex Biofluids – Motility in Highly Heterogeneous, Viscoelastic Media
Mon Feb 16 , 1pm
Robert Eisenberg
Rush University Medical Center
Mathematics of Ions in Channels and Solutions: Stochastic Derivations, Direct, Variational and Inverse Solutions that fit Data



Fri Nov 21 , 1pm
Feng Bao
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Filtering Problems
Fri Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Xiaoming He
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Immersed Finite Elements and their Applications to the Problems of Charging in Space
Fri Nov 07 , 1pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
3D Hydrodynamic Mathematical Modeling and Simulations for Cell Morphology and Mitotic Dynamics
Mon Oct 27 , 1pm
Olga Mula
RWTH Aachen
The GEIM to Inter-play with Data and Numerical Simulations for Real-Time Decisions
Mon Apr 28 , 1pm
Francesca Tantardini
Universita degli Studi di Milano
Quasi-optimality in the backward Euler-Galerkin method for linear parabolic problems
Mon Apr 21 , 1pm
John Eberth
University of South Carolina
Cardiovascular Engineering and the Influence of Hemodynamics on Growth and Remodeling
Mon Apr 14 , 1pm
Tarek Shazly
University of South Carolina
Inverse Boundary Value Problems in Vascular Mechanics
Tue Apr 08 , 4:20pm
Zhen Wu
Shandong University
On the Wellposedness of Forward-Backward SDEs— A Unified Approach
Mon Apr 07 , 1pm
Haijun Yu
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Numerical Study of the Global Stability of Plane Poiseuille Flow
Wed Apr 02 , 1pm
YaGang Zhang
North China Electric Power University
Inherent Randomicity of Nonlinear Dynamical System and its Engineering Applications
Mon Mar 24 , 1pm
Jin Peng
Sichuan University
From genomics to metabolomics, the systematic review of network regulation, A new perspective of medicine.
Fri Mar 21 , 9:50am
Di Liu
Michigan State University
A Multiscale Method for Optical Responses of Nano Structures
Mon Mar 17 , 1pm
Paramita Chakraborty
University of South Carolina
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
Mon Mar 03 , 1pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A fast numerical method for the Neumann boundary-value problem of a space-fractional diffusion equation
Mon Feb 24 , 1pm
Miao Yu
University of South Carolina
Graphene-Based Molecular Filters
Mon Feb 17 , 1pm
Yi Sun
University of South Carolina
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Multicellular Aggregate Self-Assembly in Biofabrication
Mon Feb 10 , 1pm
Leo Rebholz
Clemson University
Efficient algorithms for approximate deconvolution models of incompressible flow



Mon Nov 25 , 2pm
Yongqiang Ren
Shandong University
A Eulerian-Lagrangian formulation for multiphase multicomponent compositional flow and transport in porous media
Mon Nov 18 , 2pm
Bin Zhang
University of South Carolina
Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis with Engineering System Applications
Mon Nov 04 , 2pm
Paula Vasquez
University of South Carolina
Constitutive modeling of complex materials including multiple species
Mon Oct 28 , 2pm
Pierre Gremaud
North Carolina State University
Computational models of blood flow in vascular trees.
Mon Oct 21 , 2pm
Jim Lynch
University of South Carolina
The Implications of Rosen’s Experiment to Statistical Modeling and Methodology of Fibrous Composites
Mon Oct 14 , 2pm
Wei Leng
Chinese Academy of Sciences
A Parallel High-Order Accurate Finite Element Nonlinear Stokes Ice-Sheet Model
Mon Oct 07 , 2pm
Norazaliza Mohd Jamil
University of South Carolina
Kinetic model for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Mon Sep 30 , 2pm
Tong Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Numerical modeling of glaciers
Mon Sep 23 , 2pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
Mathematical Insight in Biofilm Structure and Function
Mon Sep 16 , 2pm
Chengjun Guo
Guangdong University of Technology
Existence of homoclinic orbits of superquadratic second-order Hamiltonian systems
Fri Apr 19 , 1:30pm
Jianliang Qian
Michigan State University
Fast Multiscale Gaussian Wavepacket Transforms and Multiscale Gaussian Beams for the Wave Equation



Tue Nov 27 , 2:30pm
Qianlong Liu
University of South Carolina
Two numerical approaches for predictions of physical fields in complex geometries at local scales
Tue Nov 20 , 2:30pm
Xingjian (Chris) Xue
University of South Carolina
Experimental and Modeling Studies of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Mon Nov 12 , 2:30pm
Yi Jiang
Georgia State University
Cell-based, Multiscale Model of Angiogenesis
Tue Oct 30 , 2:30pm
Hao Tian
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
A preliminary study on fast solution methods for a nonlocal diffusion model
Tue Oct 23 , 2:30pm
Andreas Heyden
University of South Carolina
Understanding and Designing Heterogeneous Catalysts from First Principles
Tue Oct 16 , 2:30pm
Bihter Padak
University of South Carolina
Employing Modeling to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Coal-based Electricity Generation
Tue Oct 09 , 2:30pm
Jinkyu Yang
University of South Carolina
Linear and Nonlinear Waves Formed in Granular Crystals and Their Engineering Applications
Tue Oct 02 , 2:30pm
Chen Li
University of South Carolina
Recent Work in Micro/Nano-scale Two-phase Heat Transfer
Tue Sep 25 , 2:30pm
Mark Uline
University of South Carolina
Lipid Layers: From Fundamentals to Biosensor Applications
Tue Sep 18 , 2:30pm
Xinli Wang
University of South Carolina Upstate
Biased diffusion of Brownian particles confined by a periodic potential
Tue Apr 10 , 2pm
Zhiyong Zhao
Nankai University
The Partial Upwind Finite Element Scheme for Convection-Diffusion Problem and Its Adaptive Method
Mon Apr 09 , 2:30pm
Hong Wang
University of South Carolina
A fast numerical method for fractional diffusion equation
Fri Apr 06 , 10:10am
Guang Lin
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Uncertainty Quantification & Multiscale Modeling for Physical and Biological Problems
Mon Mar 12 , 3:30pm
Chuanbing Tang
University of South Carolina
Ordering Control of Self-Assembled Block Copolymers in Thin Films
Tue Jan 31 , 3:40pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
The dynamics of two phase complex fluids: drop formation/pinch-off



Wed Nov 30 , 1:30pm
Ilya Timofeyev
University of Houston
Sub-sampling in Parametric Estimation of Stochastic Parameterizations
Mon Nov 14 , 1:30pm
Taixing Cui
University of South Carolina
Targeting Nrf2 Against Heart Failure
Mon Oct 24 , 1:30pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
A Promoting Regression of Atherosclerotic Plaques



Wed Sep 08 , 2:30pm
Ehsan Jabbarzadeh
University of South Carolina
Towards Programming Mammalian Cell Behaviors for Engineering Tissues
Wed Sep 01 , 2:30pm
Chen Li
University of South Carolina
Micro/Nano-Engineered Interfaces for Two-phase Heat Transfer and Its Roles in Renewable Energy



Wed Nov 11 , 2:30pm
Vladimir Mironov
Medical University of South Carolina
Why mathematical modeling, computational biology and computer simulation is essential for proper development of organ printing technology
Wed Nov 04 , 2:30pm
Jijun Tang
University of South Carolina
Phylogenetic reconstruction from gene rearrangement events
Wed Oct 21 , 2:30pm
Haomin Zhou
Georgia Institute of Technology
Numerical methods for stochastic Maxwell equations and applications in spectrometer design
Wed Oct 14 , 2:30pm
Lili Ju
University of South Carolina
An edge-weighted centroidal Voronoi tessellation model for image segmentation
Wed Oct 07 , 2:30pm
Bin Yu
University of South Carolina
The self-assembly of block copolymers in confinement: A simulated annealing study
Wed Sep 30 , 2:30pm
Xiongbin Lu
University of South Carolina
Wip1 is a key regulator for the DNA damage-induced p53 activation
Wed Sep 23 , 2:30pm
Xinfeng Liu
University of South Carolina
Front tracking method and its various applications
Wed Sep 09 , 2:30pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
Phase-field theory of multi-phase flows



Wed Sep 24 , 2:30pm
Gerard Kerkyacharian
Université Paris VI et Université Paris VII, Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles aléatoires
Regression with random design. The use of Muckenhoupt weights and related Besov Spaces
Wed Sep 17 , 2:30pm
Dominique Picard
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires
Wavelet Thresholding and Bayesian procedures in non parametric statistical estimation



Thu May 11 , 2:30pm
Ronald A. DeVore
Texas A&M University
Success of Wavelets and Harmonic Analysis



Tue Nov 09 , 2pm
Konstantin I. Oskolkov
University of South Carolina
Gridge algorithms and adaptive quadratures
Tue Nov 02 , 2pm
Vladimir Temlyakov
University of South Carolina

Ronald A. DeVore
Texas A&M University
Open Problems in Greedy Algorithm
Mon Sep 27 , 3:30pm
Christepher Bernard
Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Fast Optic Flow with Wavelets
Thu Sep 23 , 2pm
Christepher Bernard
Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Wavelet Interpolation Networks
Tue Sep 21 , 2:30pm
Pencho Petrushev
University of South Carolina
Adaptive approximation, multiresolution and digital elevation maps


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