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Fri Feb 21 , 2:30pm
Hailiang Liu
Iowa State University
Efficient, positive, and energy stable schemes for Poisson-Nernst-Planck systems
Fri Jan 31 , 2:30pm
Xiangcheng Zheng
University of South Carolina
Mathematical and numerical analysis to variable-order mobile-immobile time-fractional diffusion equations
Fri Jan 17 , 2:30pm
Yuanwei Qi
University of Central Florida
Traveling Wave of Gray-Scott System: Results and Perspective


Wed Dec 04 , 3:30pm
Peng Chen
University of Texas at Austin
Projected Stein Variational Newton:A Fast and Scalable Bayesian Inference Method in High Dimensions
Fri Nov 22 , 3:30pm
Duan Chen
University of North Carolina
Randomized matrix compression algorithms for fast scientific computations
Fri Nov 08 , 3:30pm
Lang Yuan
University of South Carolina
Integrated Microstructural Modeling for Conventional Solidification Processes and Its Pathway to Additive Manufacturing
Fri Nov 01 , 3:30pm
Barak Sober
Duke University
The Manifold Moving Least-Squares (Manifold-MLS) Framework: approximating manifolds and reconstructing their atlas from discrete data sets
Fri Oct 18 , 3:30pm
Ronghua Pan
Georgia Institute of Technology
Global regularity v.s. finite time blowup for compressible Euler equations
Fri Oct 04 , 3:30pm
Guannan Zhang
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A domain decomposition model reduction method for linear convection-diffusion equations with random coefficients
Fri Sep 27 , 3:30pm
Bo Dong
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin methods for Korteweg-de Vries type equations
Fri Apr 19 , 2:30pm
Vu Thai Luan
Southern Methodist University
Efficient exponential integrators for large-scale stiff systems and applications
Thu Apr 11 , 3pm
Christopher Henderson
University of Chicago
Front slowdown due to non-local interactions
Fri Apr 05 , 2:30pm
Yongki Lee
Georgia Southern University
Wave breaking in a class of non-local conservation laws
Fri Mar 29 , 2:30pm
Geng Chen
Kansas University
Poiseuille flow of nematic liquid crystals via Ericksen-Leslie model
Fri Mar 08 , 2:30pm
Tim Schulze
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Lattice and Off-lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo
Fri Feb 15 , 2:30pm
George Androulakis
University of South Carolina
From quantum random walks to quantum computations
Fri Feb 08 , 2:30pm
Shuang Liu
University of South Carolina
Numerical methods for a class of reaction-diffusion equations with free boundaries
Fri Feb 01 , 2:30pm
Chunmei Wang
Texas Tech University
Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for PDEs
Tue Jan 29 , 3pm
Rob Stevenson
University of Amsterdam
Stability of Galerkin discretizations of parabolic evolution equations
Fri Jan 25 , 2:30pm
Hyung-Chun Lee
Ajou University, Korea
Comparison study of random PDE optimization problems based on different matching functionals



Fri Nov 30 , 2:15pm
Jiguang Sun
Michigan Technological University
Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
Mon Nov 26 , 4pm
Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin
Tel Aviv University
Repairing and Denoising Scattered Data for the Reconstruction of Manifolds Embedded in High Dimensions
Fri Oct 12 , 2:15pm
Siran Li
Rice University, Houston/Centre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal
General Axially Symmetric Harmonic Maps
Fri Sep 21 , 2:15pm
Xucheng Meng
University of Macau
Efficient and High-Order Finite Volume Method for Steady Euler Equations
Fri Aug 31 , 2:15pm
Jianguo Huang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
A robust finite element method for elastic vibration problems
Mon Apr 30 , 2:15pm
Andreas Veeser
Università degli Studi di Milano
Oscillation in a posteriori error estimation
Mon Apr 16 , 2:15pm
Xu Zhang
Mississippi State University
Recent advance of immersed finite element methods for interface problems
Mon Mar 26 , 2:15pm
Jingwei Hu
Purdue University
Asymptotic-preserving and positivity-preserving implicit-explicit schemes for the stiff BGK equation
Fri Mar 23 , 1:15pm
Yanxiang Zhao
George Washington University
Bubble Assemblies in Ternary Systems with Long Range Interaction
Mon Feb 26 , 2:15pm
Qin Li
University of Wisconsin-Madison
PDE compression — asymptotic preserving, numerical homogenization and randomized solvers
Mon Feb 19 , 2:15pm
Guosheng Fu
Brown University
H(div)-conforming HDG methods for the Brinkman equations
Fri Feb 02 , 1pm
Yihong Du
University of New England
Propagation, diffusion and free boundaries
Tue Jan 23 , 4:30pm
Rob Stevenson
University of Amsterdam
An optimal adaptive Fictitious Domain Method



Mon Nov 13 , 2:15pm
Fei Lu
Johns Hopkins University
Data assimilation with stochastic model reduction
Mon Oct 23 , 2:15pm
Yi Wang
University of South Carolina
Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering for Complex Multiphysics Systems
Mon Oct 16 , 3:15pm
Yongtao Zhang
University of Notre Dame
Sparse grid Krylov IIF and WENO schemes for high spatial dimension convection-diffusion and hyperbolic equations
Mon Oct 16 , 2:15pm
Fei Xue
Clemson University
Reliable computation of the rightmost eigenvalues of large matrices
Mon Sep 25 , 2:15pm
Siwei Duo
University of South Carolina
The fractional Laplacian and its application to the fractional Schrödinger equation
Mon Sep 18 , 2:15pm
Hans-Werner van Wyk
Auburn University
Clenshaw-Curtis Type Rules for Statistical Integrals
Mon Aug 14 , 1:30pm
Lei Zhang
Peking University
Recent Developments in Numerical Methods of Finding Saddle Points and its Applications in Materials
Tue May 23 , 11am
Ning Du
Shandong University
Fast finite element method for space-fractional dispersion equations
Fri Apr 28 , 1pm
Libin Rong
Oakland University
Virus and T cell dynamics in HIV-infected individuals
Tue Apr 25 , 1:30pm
Ming-Jun Lai
University of Georgia
Multivariate Splines for Numerical Solution of PDE
Mon Apr 17 , 1:15pm
Shuwang Li
Illinois Institute of Technology
Dynamics of a multicomponent vesicle in shear flow
Mon Apr 10 , 1:15pm
Jun Liu
Jackson State University
Efficient Numerical Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
Fri Apr 07 , 11am
Zhan Chen
Georgia Southern University
A multiscale model for cell sorting and heterogeneous tumor spheroid growth
Mon Apr 03 , 1:15pm
Xingjie Li
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Consistent coupling of nonlocal diffusion
Mon Mar 20 , 1:15pm
Garrett Mitchener
College of Charleston
How to evolve a neuron
Mon Feb 20 , 1:15pm
Xu Yang
University of California, Santa Barbara
Frozen Gaussian approximation with applications in seismology
Thu Feb 16 , 11am
Sameed Ahmed
University of South Carolina
Compact Implicit Integration Factor Method for Solving High Order Differential Equations
Mon Jan 23 , 1:15pm
Thi Thao Phuong Hoang
University of South Carolina
Space-time domain decomposition methods in mixed formulation for ow and transport problems in porous media



Mon Nov 28 , 2:30pm
Andrea Benigni
University of South Carolina
System Level Challenges in Future Power Systems
Fri Nov 18 , 1:15pm
Michael Neilan
University of Pittsburgh
Divergence-free-preserving discretizations of incompressible flow
Mon Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Vincent Ervin
Clemson University
Regularity, and spectral type approximation, of the solution to the fractional order diffusion equation in 1-d
Mon Nov 07 , 1:15pm
Andrea Bonito
Texas A&M University
Bilayer Plates: From Model Reduction to Gamma-Convergent Finite Element Approximation
Mon Oct 17 , 1:15pm
Kevin Carlberg
Sandia National Laboratory
Model reduction for nonlinear dynamical systems: discrete optimality and time parallelism
Mon Oct 10 , 1:15pm
Michael Cromer
Rochester Institute of Technology
Flow-Induced Concentration Fluctuations in Polymer Solutions
Fri Sep 23 , 1pm
Xiaoqiang Wang
Florida State University
Phase Field modeling of Inter-Vesicle and Vesicle-Substrate interactions
Mon Sep 19 , 1:15pm
Abner Salgado
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
PDE Approach to Fractional Diffusion
Tue Aug 23 , 4:15pm
Zineb Saghi
Improved Algorithms for Electron Tomography
Mon Aug 22 , 1:15pm
Hongfei Fu
China University of Petroleum
POD Reduced-Order Model for Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations and its Applications in Parameter Identification
Thu Aug 04 , 3pm
Toby Sanders
Arizona State University
Inverse Methods for Noisy and Incomplete Data with Applications to Tomography and SAR
Mon Apr 25 , 1:15pm
Xiaobing Feng
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Some recent developments on numerical methods for second order fully nonlinear PDEs
Wed Apr 20 , 1:15pm
Alexander Brylev
University of South Carolina
A Decoupled and Energy Stable Scheme for Smectic-A Liquid Crystal Flows
Mon Apr 18 , 1:15pm
Jie Chen
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Scalable Gaussian Process Analysis and Nonparametric Learning
Mon Apr 11 , 1:15pm
Jin Wang
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Cholera dynamics: Modeling, analysis and simulation
Wed Apr 06 , 3:45pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A preconditioned fast finite volume scheme for a fractional diffusion equation discretized on a locally refined composite mesh
Mon Apr 04 , 1:15pm
Jian-Guo Liu
Duke University
Euler sprays and optimal transportation
Mon Mar 28 , 1:15pm
Junshan Lin
Auburn University
Mathematical Challenges for Wave Propagation in Nanostructures
Mon Mar 21 , 1:15pm
Gabriel Terejanu
University of South Carolina
How can we ever trust extrapolative predictions?
Mon Mar 14 , 1:15pm
Yanzhao Cao
Auburn University
Backward SDE methods for nonlinear filtering problems
Mon Feb 29 , 1:15pm
Lu Peng
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
A multiscale mathematical model of tumour invasive growth
Mon Feb 22 , 1:15pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
A Multiphase Complex-fluids Model for Collective Cell Motions on Patterned Substrate
Mon Feb 15 , 1:15pm
YueZheng Gong
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Some New Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Multi-symplectic Hamiltonian PDEs



Mon Nov 23 , 1:15pm
Seong Jun Kim
Georgia Tech
Long time computation of multiscale dynamical systems
Mon Nov 09 , 1:15pm
Hyesuk Lee
Clemson University
Finite element approximation of fluid-structure interaction problems based on Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation
Mon Nov 02 , 1:15pm
Karin Leiderman
University of California, Merced
Mathematical Modeling of Thrombus Formation Under Flow
Fri Oct 30 , 1:15pm
Jian Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Design and Implementation of Compact Exponential Time Differencing Method for Phase Field Simulations
Mon Oct 19 , 1:15pm
Yanlai Chen
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Reduced basis methods and their application in data science and microbiome analysis
Mon Oct 12 , 1:15pm
Guanghua Ji
Beijing Normal University
Phase Transitions of Macromolecular Microsphere Composite Hydrogels Based on the Stochastic Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Mon Sep 21 , 1:15pm
Benjamin Berkels
RWTH Aachen
An image registration framework for sliding motion with piecewise smooth deformations
Mon Aug 31 , 1:15pm
Lingyun Qiu
Petroleum Geo-Services, Houston
Analysis of the Magneto-acoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction (MAT-MI)
Fri Apr 24 , 1pm
Jianfeng Lu
Duke University
Localization and fast algorithms for electronic structure models
Mon Apr 20 , 1pm
Timo Heister
Clemson University
A parallel solution approach for crack propagation using adaptive mesh refinement
Mon Apr 13 , 1:30pm
Xiaofeng Wang
University of South Carolina
Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Uncertain Constrained Dynamic Systems
Mon Mar 30 , 1pm
Qingshan Chen
Clemson University
Mimetic and convergent discretization of vector fields on unstructured meshes
Mon Mar 16 , 1pm
Juan Caicedo
University of South Carolina
Model updating of structural systems
Mon Mar 02 , 1pm
Jacek Wrobel
Tulane University
Beyond Stokes Flow, Complex Biofluids – Motility in Highly Heterogeneous, Viscoelastic Media
Mon Feb 16 , 1pm
Robert Eisenberg
Rush University Medical Center
Mathematics of Ions in Channels and Solutions: Stochastic Derivations, Direct, Variational and Inverse Solutions that fit Data



Fri Nov 21 , 1pm
Feng Bao
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Filtering Problems
Fri Nov 14 , 1:15pm
Xiaoming He
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Immersed Finite Elements and their Applications to the Problems of Charging in Space
Fri Nov 07 , 1pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
3D Hydrodynamic Mathematical Modeling and Simulations for Cell Morphology and Mitotic Dynamics
Mon Oct 27 , 1pm
Olga Mula
RWTH Aachen
The GEIM to Inter-play with Data and Numerical Simulations for Real-Time Decisions
Mon Apr 28 , 1pm
Francesca Tantardini
Universita degli Studi di Milano
Quasi-optimality in the backward Euler-Galerkin method for linear parabolic problems
Mon Apr 21 , 1pm
John Eberth
University of South Carolina
Cardiovascular Engineering and the Influence of Hemodynamics on Growth and Remodeling
Mon Apr 14 , 1pm
Tarek Shazly
University of South Carolina
Inverse Boundary Value Problems in Vascular Mechanics
Tue Apr 08 , 4:20pm
Zhen Wu
Shandong University
On the Wellposedness of Forward-Backward SDEs— A Unified Approach
Mon Apr 07 , 1pm
Haijun Yu
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Numerical Study of the Global Stability of Plane Poiseuille Flow
Wed Apr 02 , 1pm
YaGang Zhang
North China Electric Power University
Inherent Randomicity of Nonlinear Dynamical System and its Engineering Applications
Mon Mar 24 , 1pm
Jin Peng
Sichuan University
From genomics to metabolomics, the systematic review of network regulation, A new perspective of medicine.
Fri Mar 21 , 9:50am
Di Liu
Michigan State University
A Multiscale Method for Optical Responses of Nano Structures
Mon Mar 17 , 1pm
Paramita Chakraborty
University of South Carolina
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
Mon Mar 03 , 1pm
Jinhong Jia
Fudan University
A fast numerical method for the Neumann boundary-value problem of a space-fractional diffusion equation
Mon Feb 24 , 1pm
Miao Yu
University of South Carolina
Graphene-Based Molecular Filters
Mon Feb 17 , 1pm
Yi Sun
University of South Carolina
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Multicellular Aggregate Self-Assembly in Biofabrication
Mon Feb 10 , 1pm
Leo Rebholz
Clemson University
Efficient algorithms for approximate deconvolution models of incompressible flow



Mon Nov 25 , 2pm
Yongqiang Ren
Shandong University
A Eulerian-Lagrangian formulation for multiphase multicomponent compositional flow and transport in porous media
Mon Nov 18 , 2pm
Bin Zhang
University of South Carolina
Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis with Engineering System Applications
Mon Nov 04 , 2pm
Paula Vasquez
University of South Carolina
Constitutive modeling of complex materials including multiple species
Mon Oct 28 , 2pm
Pierre Gremaud
North Carolina State University
Computational models of blood flow in vascular trees.
Mon Oct 21 , 2pm
Jim Lynch
University of South Carolina
The Implications of Rosen’s Experiment to Statistical Modeling and Methodology of Fibrous Composites
Mon Oct 14 , 2pm
Wei Leng
Chinese Academy of Sciences
A Parallel High-Order Accurate Finite Element Nonlinear Stokes Ice-Sheet Model
Mon Oct 07 , 2pm
Norazaliza Mohd Jamil
University of South Carolina
Kinetic model for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose
Mon Sep 30 , 2pm
Tong Zhang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Numerical modeling of glaciers
Mon Sep 23 , 2pm
Jia Zhao
University of South Carolina
Mathematical Insight in Biofilm Structure and Function
Mon Sep 16 , 2pm
Chengjun Guo
Guangdong University of Technology
Existence of homoclinic orbits of superquadratic second-order Hamiltonian systems
Fri Apr 19 , 1:30pm
Jianliang Qian
Michigan State University
Fast Multiscale Gaussian Wavepacket Transforms and Multiscale Gaussian Beams for the Wave Equation



Tue Nov 27 , 2:30pm
Qianlong Liu
University of South Carolina
Two numerical approaches for predictions of physical fields in complex geometries at local scales
Tue Nov 20 , 2:30pm
Xingjian (Chris) Xue
University of South Carolina
Experimental and Modeling Studies of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Mon Nov 12 , 2:30pm
Yi Jiang
Georgia State University
Cell-based, Multiscale Model of Angiogenesis
Tue Oct 30 , 2:30pm
Hao Tian
Beijing Computational Science Research Center
A preliminary study on fast solution methods for a nonlocal diffusion model
Tue Oct 23 , 2:30pm
Andreas Heyden
University of South Carolina
Understanding and Designing Heterogeneous Catalysts from First Principles
Tue Oct 16 , 2:30pm
Bihter Padak
University of South Carolina
Employing Modeling to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Coal-based Electricity Generation
Tue Oct 09 , 2:30pm
Jinkyu Yang
University of South Carolina
Linear and Nonlinear Waves Formed in Granular Crystals and Their Engineering Applications
Tue Oct 02 , 2:30pm
Chen Li
University of South Carolina
Recent Work in Micro/Nano-scale Two-phase Heat Transfer
Tue Sep 25 , 2:30pm
Mark Uline
University of South Carolina
Lipid Layers: From Fundamentals to Biosensor Applications
Tue Sep 18 , 2:30pm
Xinli Wang
University of South Carolina Upstate
Biased diffusion of Brownian particles confined by a periodic potential
Tue Apr 10 , 2pm
Zhiyong Zhao
Nankai University
The Partial Upwind Finite Element Scheme for Convection-Diffusion Problem and Its Adaptive Method
Mon Apr 09 , 2:30pm
Hong Wang
University of South Carolina
A fast numerical method for fractional diffusion equation
Fri Apr 06 , 10:10am
Guang Lin
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Uncertainty Quantification & Multiscale Modeling for Physical and Biological Problems
Mon Mar 12 , 3:30pm
Chuanbing Tang
University of South Carolina
Ordering Control of Self-Assembled Block Copolymers in Thin Films
Tue Jan 31 , 3:40pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
The dynamics of two phase complex fluids: drop formation/pinch-off



Wed Nov 30 , 1:30pm
Ilya Timofeyev
University of Houston
Sub-sampling in Parametric Estimation of Stochastic Parameterizations
Mon Nov 14 , 1:30pm
Taixing Cui
University of South Carolina
Targeting Nrf2 Against Heart Failure
Mon Oct 24 , 1:30pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
A Promoting Regression of Atherosclerotic Plaques



Wed Sep 08 , 2:30pm
Ehsan Jabbarzadeh
University of South Carolina
Towards Programming Mammalian Cell Behaviors for Engineering Tissues
Wed Sep 01 , 2:30pm
Chen Li
University of South Carolina
Micro/Nano-Engineered Interfaces for Two-phase Heat Transfer and Its Roles in Renewable Energy



Wed Nov 11 , 2:30pm
Vladimir Mironov
Medical University of South Carolina
Why mathematical modeling, computational biology and computer simulation is essential for proper development of organ printing technology
Wed Nov 04 , 2:30pm
Jijun Tang
University of South Carolina
Phylogenetic reconstruction from gene rearrangement events
Wed Oct 21 , 2:30pm
Haomin Zhou
Georgia Institute of Technology
Numerical methods for stochastic Maxwell equations and applications in spectrometer design
Wed Oct 14 , 2:30pm
Lili Ju
University of South Carolina
An edge-weighted centroidal Voronoi tessellation model for image segmentation
Wed Oct 07 , 2:30pm
Bin Yu
University of South Carolina
The self-assembly of block copolymers in confinement: A simulated annealing study
Wed Sep 30 , 2:30pm
Xiongbin Lu
University of South Carolina
Wip1 is a key regulator for the DNA damage-induced p53 activation
Wed Sep 23 , 2:30pm
Xinfeng Liu
University of South Carolina
Front tracking method and its various applications
Wed Sep 09 , 2:30pm
Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
Phase-field theory of multi-phase flows



Wed Sep 24 , 2:30pm
Gerard Kerkyacharian
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles aléatoires
Regression with random design. The use of Muckenhoupt weights and related Besov Spaces
Wed Sep 17 , 2:30pm
Dominique Picard
Université Paris VII, Laboratoire Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires
Wavelet Thresholding and Bayesian procedures in non parametric statistical estimation



Thu May 11 , 2:30pm
Ronald A. DeVore
Texas A&M University
Success of Wavelets and Harmonic Analysis



Tue Nov 09 , 2pm
Konstantin I. Oskolkov
University of South Carolina
Gridge algorithms and adaptive quadratures
Tue Nov 02 , 2pm
Vladimir Temlyakov
University of South Carolina

Ronald A. DeVore
Texas A&M University
Open Problems in Greedy Algorithm
Mon Sep 27 , 3:30pm
Christepher Bernard
Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Fast Optic Flow with Wavelets
Thu Sep 23 , 2pm
Christepher Bernard
Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Wavelet Interpolation Networks
Tue Sep 21 , 2:30pm
Pencho Petrushev
University of South Carolina
Adaptive approximation, multiresolution and digital elevation maps


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