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Biplanar Crossing Numbers and Random Graphs

(Follow-up Workshop to the Mathematics Research Communities "Beyond Planarity: Crossing Numbers of Graphs" program)

February 22-25, 2018,

University of South Carolina
LeConte Bldg, Room 312
Columbia, SC 29208


headshotJohn Asplund
Dalton State College

  • 2-Block Intersection Graphs and Chasing the Elusive White Rabbit
no headshotArran Hamm
Winthrop University

  • Prime Labeling Graphs and Hypergraphs
headshotLászló Székely
University of South Carolina

  • Maximum Wiener index of planar triangulations and quadrangulations
headshotGwen Spencer
Smith College

  • On the Robust Hardness of Grobner Basis Computation
headshotLibby Taylor
Georgia Institute of Technology

  • When is an orientable matroid regular?
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