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IMI International Seminar Series 2009: "Imaging in Electron Microscopy"

Jointly Organized by IMI and Nanocenter

Professor Wolfgang Dahmen, Facilitator & Leader of Seminar
Institut für Geometrie und Praktische Mathematik RWTH Aachen

Committee: Wolfgang Dahmen, Thomas Vogt, Robert Sharpley, Peter Binev
Assisting Editor: Francisco Blanco-Silva

Tue Apr 07 , 2:30pmConcluding Remarks on Imaging in Electron Microscopy
Thu Apr 02 , 3:30pm
Eran A. Mukamel
Stanford University
Information in super-resolution microscopy and automated analysis of large-scale calcium imaging data
Tue Mar 31 , 3:30pm
Paul M. Voyles
University of Wisconsin
Fluctuation Microscopy: Nanoscale Order in Amorphous Materials from Electron Nanodiffraction
Thu Mar 26 , 3:30pm
Nigel Browning
University of California at Davis
(Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy with High Spatial, Temporal and Spectroscopic Resolution
Tue Mar 24 , 3:30pm
Angus Kirkland
University of Oxford, UK
Aberration Correction and Compensation in Electron Microscopy: Applications to Quantitative Imaging of Nanostructures
Tue Mar 24 , 3:30pm
Alberto Bartesaghi
Image registration, classification and averaging in cryo-electron tomography
Tue Mar 17 , 3:30pm
Larry Allard
Oak Ridge National Lab
Imaging the behavior of atoms, clusters and nanoparticles during elevated temperature experiments in an aberration-corrected electron microscope
Thu Mar 05 , 2pm
Ronald A. DeVore
Texas A&M University
Compressed Sensing
Tue Mar 03 , 3:30pm
Masashi Watanabe
Lehigh University
Applications of Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Large Spectrum-Image Dataset and High Resolution Images
Thu Feb 26 , 3pm
Amit Singer
Princeton University

Yoel Shkolnisky
Yale University
Reference free cryo-EM algorithms using self-consistent data fusion, Part II
Thu Feb 26 , 2pm
Amit Singer
Princeton University

Yoel Shkolnisky
Yale University
Reference free cryo-EM algorithms using self-consistent data fusion
Tue Feb 24 , 3:30pm
Michael Dickson
University of South Carolina
Kantianism at the Nanoscale
Thu Feb 19 , 2pm
Wolfgang Dahmen
University of South Carolina
Open Discussion
Tue Feb 17 , 3:30pm
Albina Y. Borisevich
Oak Ridge National Lab
Seeing Atoms on the Crossroads of Microscopy and Mathematics
Thu Feb 12 , 3:30pm
Doug Blom
University of South Carolina
(Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy: Overview and Examples for the Non-Microscopist
Tue Feb 10 , 3:30pm
Morteza Shahram
Stanford University
Statistical and Information-Theoretic Analysis of Resolution in Imaging
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