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Active Grants

Agency Grant No. USC Acct. No. Award Amount* Start Date Budget End Date* Lead-PI Co-PIs
Collaborative Research: Experimentally Guided Mathematics for the Mechanochemistry of Cell Shape Dynamics National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1200487 21400-FA18 $591,213 09/15/12 08/31/17 Wang, Qi X. Yang
Cytoskeletal Oscillations: Mathematical Modeling Integrated with Experiments. UNC Chapel Hill / NIH 5-33150 21400-FA20 $107,406 09/24/12 08/31/17 Wang, Qi
Multiscale Computational Methods with Applications in Materials Science and Tissue Engineering National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1318866 21400-FA23 $158,038 09/01/13 08/31/17 Sun, Yi
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Studies for Proliferation Kinetics of Cancer Tumor Growth with Spatial-Temporal Dynamics National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1308948 21400-FA24 $192,674 09/01/13 08/31/17 Liu, Xinfeng
Collaborative Research: Phase-field Models, Algorithms and Simulations for Multiphase Complex Fluids National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1418898 21400-FA26 $100,000 09/01/14 08/31/17 Yang, Xiaofeng
Collaborative Research: A Molecular-to-Continuum, Data-Driven Strategy for Mucus Transport Modeling National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1410047 21400-FA27 $210,000 09/15/14 08/31/17 Vasquez, Paula
AEO-Light 2.0: An Open Source Application for Image-Based Digital Reproduction of Optical Film Sound National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) PR-50207-15 21400-FA29 $222,146 01/01/15 12/31/17 Wilsbacher, Greg P. Petrushev
Fast and Stable Compact Exponential Time Difference Based Methods for Some Parabolic Equations National Science Foundation (NSF) 1521965 21400-FA31 $200,954 08/01/15 07/31/18 Ju, Lili
Collaborative Research: Reduced Order Modeling of Realistic Noisy Flows National Science Foundation (NSF) 1522672 21400-FA32 $111,258 08/01/15 07/31/18 Wang, Zhu
Collaborative Research: Kinetic to Continuum Modeling of Active Anisotropic Fluids National Science Foundation (NSF) 1517347 21400-FA33 $174,300 09/15/15 08/31/18 Wang, Qi
Fractional PDEs for Convservation Laws and Beyond: Theory, Numberics and Applications ONR MURI / Brown University 00000851 21400-FA34 $118,886 09/23/15 09/22/18 Wang, Hong
Constructive Approximation and Harmonic Analysis National Science Foundation (NSF) 1613790 21400-FA35 $26,298 03/15/16 02/28/18 Temlyakov, Vladimir
Hybrid Computational Methods and Algorithms for Complex Biological Systems National Science Foundation (NSF) 1620212 21400-FA36 $165,741 09/01/16 08/31/19 Sun, Yi
Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics with Applications II National Science Foundation (NSF) 1600811 21400-FA37 $180,000 07/01/16 06/30/19 Székely, László L. Lu
Grid Generation, Coupling Strategies, and Spatially-dependent Time Stepping for Ocean–tidal/Estuary Systems and other ESM Components US Department of Energy DE-SC0016540 21400-FA38 $214,029 09/01/16 11/30/17 Ju, Lili Z. Wang
Fractional PDEs and related nonlocal models: fast numerical methods, analysis, and application National Science Foundation (NSF) 1620194 21400-FA39 $249,999 10/01/16 09/30/19 Wang, Hong G. Wang
Collaborative Research: Efficient, Stable and Accurate Numerical Algorithms for a class of Gradient Flow Systems and their Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720212 21400-FA41 $159,996 07/01/17 06/30/20 Yang, Xiaofeng
Optimal Convergence Rates for hp-Adaptivity National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720297 21400-FA42 $275,000 06/15/17 05/31/20 Binev, Peter G. W. Dahmen
Poset-free Families Simons Foundation 282896 21400-KA00 $35,000 09/01/13 08/31/18 Griggs, Jerrold R.

* Award amounts and budget end dates shown are based on the USC financial system and may not reflect the full award amounts and final end dates of the funded projects.
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