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Active Grants

Agency Grant No. USC Acct. No. Award Amount* Start Date Budget End Date* Lead-PI Co-PIs
Collaborative Research: Efficient, Stable and Accurate Numerical Algorithms for a class of Gradient Flow Systems and their Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720212 21400-FA41 $159,996 07/01/17 06/30/20 Yang, Xiaofeng
Optimal Convergence Rates for hp-Adaptivity National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720297 21400-FA42 $275,000 06/15/17 05/31/20 Binev, Peter G. W. Dahmen
Nonlinear Approximation in Geometric, Harmonic and Anisotropic Settings with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) 1714369 21400-FA44 $162,941 08/15/17 07/31/20 Petrushev, Pencho
Highly Effective Computational Methods in Geomagnetic Field Modeling National Geospatial Agency (NGA) HM04761812002 21400-FA45 $151,465 02/22/18 02/21/20 Petrushev, Pencho
Collaborative Research: Computational Modeling of How Living Cells Utilize Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation to Organize Chemical Compartments National Science Foundation (NSF) 1815921 21400-FA47 $150,000 06/01/18 05/31/21 Wang, Qi
CAREER: Multi-scale Modeling of Biological Gels by Coupling Langevin Equations and Fractional Viscoelastic Constitutive Models National Science Foundation (NSF) 1751339 21400-FA48 $288,106 07/01/18 06/30/23 Vasquez, Paula

* Award amounts and budget end dates shown are based on the USC financial system and may not reflect the full award amounts and final end dates of the funded projects.
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