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Completed Grants

Agency Grant No. USC Acct. No. Award Amount Start Date End Date Lead-PI Co-PIs
Estimating the Number of Lattice Points Close to A Curve National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS9970455 13060-F113 $59,955 07/01/99 06/30/02 Trifonov, Ognian
Image Processing for Digital Terrain Elevation Data Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD N000140010470 13060-F115 $449,997 04/01/00 03/31/03 DeVore, Ronald A. R. Sharpley
Combinatorics with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) INT-0072187 13060-F117 $165,000 07/01/00 06/30/02 Griggs, Jerrold R. L. Székely
Theory and Applications of Multigrid and Domain Decomposition Methods National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0074246 13060-F118 $115,628 05/16/00 02/29/04 Brenner, Sue
Collaborative Research: Compression of Geometry Datasets National Science Foundation (NSF) 221642 13060-FA02 $225,000 05/01/02 04/30/05 DeVore, Ronald A.
Mathematical Analysis for Data and Image Processing US Army Research Office (ARO)/DOD DAAD190210028 13060-FA03 $210,001 03/01/02 12/31/04 DeVore, Ronald A.
On the Factorization of Lacunary Polynomials National Science Foundation (NSF) 207302 13060-FA05 $151,151 06/15/02 05/31/06 Filaseta, Michael D. Meade
Greedy Approximation National Science Foundation (NSF) 200187 13060-FA06 $103,500 07/01/02 06/30/05 Temlyakov, Vladimir
Analysis and Numerical Algorithms for Data Processing and Fast Solution of PDEs Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD N000140310051 13060-FA07 $954,001 10/01/02 09/30/08 DeVore, Ronald A.
Compression of Large Data Sets with Geometry Office of Naval Research (ONR)/DOD N000140310675 13060-FA08 $500,000 06/01/03 05/31/07 DeVore, Ronald A. R. Sharpley
Lattice Points, the Gauss Circle, the Riemann Zeta-Function National Science Foundation (NSF) 303132 13060-FA10 $56,266 07/01/03 06/30/07 Trifonov, Ognian A. Schep
Highly Nonlinear Approximation: Theory & Algorithms National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS0200665 13060-FA11 $60,000 08/15/02 07/31/05 Petrushev, Pencho
Combinatorics with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0302307 13060-FA13 $210,601 07/15/03 06/30/07 Griggs, Jerrold R.
Theory and Applications of Multigrid National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0311790 13060-FA14 $141,926 09/01/03 10/31/07 Brenner, Sue
Multiresolution Methods for Vision-Based Guidance, Navigation and Control University of Florida/USAF/DOD UF-EIES-0302005-USC 13060-FA15 $600,000 06/15/03 01/14/08 Sharpley, Robert C.
Harmonic, Number-Theoretic, and PDE Analysis of Talbot's Phenomenon National Science Foundation (NSF) 410012 13060-FA16 $133,002 07/01/04 06/30/08 Oskolkov, Konstantin I.
FRG: Collaborative Research: Algorithms for Sparse Data Representations National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-354707 13060-FA17 $189,000 09/15/04 08/31/08 DeVore, Ronald A.
Smooth Piecewise-Polynomial Terrain Representation Using Nontraditional Metrics Schafer Corporation/ARO SC-04H-31-01 13060-FA18 $45,000 07/27/04 01/31/05 DeVore, Ronald A. R. Sharpley
Factoring Lacunary Polynomials and Galois Groups of Laguerre Polynomials National Security Agency (NSA) H98230-05-1-0038 13060-FA20 $94,762 11/09/04 05/08/07 Filaseta, Michael D. Meade
Highly Effective Geospatial Representation and Analysis Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)/DSO/DOD HM1582-05-2-0001 13060-FA21 $461,374 03/24/05 02/23/07 DeVore, Ronald A. R. Sharpley
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Processing Large Data Sets US Army Research, Development & Engineering Command Acquisition Center/DOD W911NF-05-1-0227 13060-FA23 $259,982 06/01/05 08/31/08 DeVore, Ronald A. P. Binev
R. Sharpley
Nonlinear Methods for Supervised Learning: Defense Applications DEPSCoR/DOD N00014-05-1-0715 13060-FA24 $700,000 06/01/05 08/31/08 DeVore, Ronald A.
Some Problems in Number Theory National Science Foundation (NSF) 601033 13060-FA25 $91,282 06/01/06 12/10/06 Yu, Gang
Greedy Approximations with Expansions National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0554832 13060-FA26 $116,917 06/01/06 08/31/09 Temlyakov, Vladimir
Phylogenetic Analysis with Complex Genome Rearrangement Events National Institutes of Health (NIH) 1R01GM078991-01 13060-FA29 $157,332 06/01/06 05/31/09 Székely, László
Some Problems on Analyses and Applications of Centroidal Voronoi National Science Foundation (NSF) 609575 13060-FA32 $122,781 08/01/06 07/31/09 Ju, Lili
Software for Generating Geometrically and Topologically Accurate Urban Terrain Models Using Implicit Methods (Phase I - STTR) Radiance Technologies, Inc./US Army 06S-1483 13060-FA33 $46,999 08/09/06 02/08/08 Sharpley, Robert C. R. DeVore
Model Classes, Approximation, and Metrics for Dynamic Processing of Urban Terrain Data US Army Reasearch Office (ARO) W911NF-07-1-0185 13060-FA35 $5,000,000 05/01/07 01/31/13 Sharpley, Robert C. P. Binev
Capturing Sparsity In High Dimensional Data DEPSCoR/ONR N00014-07-1-0978 13060-FA36 $500,000 05/10/07 11/30/10 DeVore, Ronald A. P. Binev
W. Dahmen
Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0701111 13060-FA37 $104,118 08/01/07 07/31/11 Székely, László L. Lu
Highly Effective Representations for Surface and Solid Spherical Studies National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0709046 13060-FA39 $143,907 07/15/07 09/30/10 Petrushev, Pencho
New Grid and Discretization Technologies for Ocean and Ice Simulations US Department of Energy (DOE) DE-FG02-07ER64431 13060-FA40 $236,871 07/15/07 07/14/11 Ju, Lili
Super-Resolution of Infrared Imagery from Video Radiance Technologies, Inc./US Army 07S-1356 13060-FA41 $37,995 05/04/07 10/31/07 Sharpley, Robert C. P. Binev
CMG COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Development of New Statistical Learning Theory and Techniques for Improvement of Convection Parameterization in Climate Models National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0721621 13060-FA42 $120,000 10/01/07 09/30/10 DeVore, Ronald A. P. Binev
Highly Effective Geospatial Representation and Analysis - PHASE I US Department of Defense (DOD) HM1582-07-2-3036 13060-FA43 $271,385 10/10/07 10/09/09 Petrushev, Pencho
Phase II (STTR) - Software for Generating Geometrically and Topologically Accurate Urban Terrain Models Using Implicit Methods Radiance Technologies, Inc./US Army 08S-0152 13060-FA47 $300,000 05/19/08 03/06/10 Sharpley, Robert C. P. Binev
R. DeVore
Collaborative Proposal: Maplets for Calculus National Science Foundation (NSF) DUE-0737209 13060-FA48 $76,833 06/15/08 05/31/12 Meade, Douglas D. Geddings
Standards, Software and Hardware for Multiresolution Maps/Models for UAST in the Absence of A Priori World Models Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University/(ACA)/White Sands Directorate (WSMR DOC) CR-19545-430330 13060-FA51 $130,485 06/11/08 07/31/11 Sharpley, Robert C.
Phase I SBIR: Innovative Micro Air Vehicles & Control Techniques for Urban Environments Radiance Technologies, Inc./DOD 08S-1381 13060-FA52 $10,000 05/27/08 12/24/08 Sharpley, Robert C.
An Integrated Approach to Modeling and Simulations of Complex Fluids of Microstructures National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0853005 13060-FA53 $137,458 09/20/08 08/31/10 Wang, Qi
Collaborative Research: Investigating Bacteria-Surface Interactions by Surface Engineering and Mathematical Modeling National Science Foundation (NSF) CMMI-0849317 13060-FA54 $99,999 08/16/08 07/31/12 Wang, Qi
Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research & Instiutional Development (RII) SC Research Authority/EPSCoR/NSF Task Order 0041 13060-FA55 $225,670 09/01/08 06/30/09 Sharpley, Robert C.
MSPA-MSC: Data-driven Parallelization of Time in Molecular Dynamics Simulations Florida State University/NSF R01082 13060-FA57 $87,856 12/01/08 08/31/10 Wang, Qi
Collaborative Research on Mathematical Constructs for Multiphase Complex Fluids National Science Foundation (NSF) 908330 13060-FA59 $175,882 07/01/09 06/30/13 Wang, Qi
Phase II SBIR: Innovative Micro Air Vehicles & Control Techniques for Urban Environments Radiance Technologies, Inc./DOD 09S-1343 13060-FA60 $187,500 05/20/09 11/22/11 Sharpley, Robert C.
Collaborative Research: An ATD Proposal: Fast Point Cloud Surface Reconstruction Algorithms National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-0915104 13060-FA61 $450,001 09/01/09 08/31/12 Sharpley, Robert C. P. Binev
W. Dahmen
Study on Algorithms and Applications of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations National Science Foundation (NSF) 913491 13060-FA63 $180,000 09/01/09 08/31/12 Ju, Lili
Application of Greedy Approximations in Numerical Integration and Learning Theory National Science Foundation (NSF) 906260 13060-FA64 $196,567 09/15/09 08/31/12 Temlyakov, Vladimir
CMG Collaborative Research - Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide (CO2): New Simulation Approaches for Large-scale Modeling and Leakage Estimation National Science Foundation (NSF) 0934747 13060-FA65 $300,000 10/01/09 09/30/13 Wang, Hong V. Temlyakov
Computational Foundation for Investigations in Capturing Sparsity in Very High Dimensions Office of Naval Research (ONR) N00014-08-1-0996 13060-FQ02 $111,624 05/04/08 08/31/09 DeVore, Ronald A. P. Binev
R. Sharpley
Nonlinear Methods for Supervised Learning: Defense Applications - State Match for 13060-FA24 SC EPSCoR Program H27 115 13060-GA05 $72,734 07/01/05 06/30/06 DeVore, Ronald A.
State Matching Funds for 13060-FA36 (Capturing Sparsity In High Dimensional Data) SC EPSCoR Program H27 146 13060-GA07 $42,089 07/01/07 06/30/08 DeVore, Ronald A.
State Match for 13060-FA36 (Capturing Sparsity In High Dimensional Data) SC EPSCoR H27 163 13060-GA09 $55,510 07/01/08 06/30/09 DeVore, Ronald A. W. Dahmen
Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research & Instiutional Development (RII) (State Match for 13060-FA55) SC EPSCoR/IDEA H27166 13060-GA10 $37,459 07/01/08 06/30/09 Wang, Qi
Capturing Sparsity In High Dimensional Data (State Matching account for 13060-FA36) SC EPSCCoR H27 180 13060-GA11 $7,112 07/01/09 08/31/10 DeVore, Ronald A. W. Dahmen
Efficient modeling and numerical algorithm developments for multiphase complex fluid systems SC Research Foundation / VPR Office 21400-A100 $14,924 04/01/12 08/31/13 Yang, Xiaofeng
Summer School on Network Science at USC Office of the Provost, USC 21400-A101 $21,949 09/01/12 06/30/13 Székely, László L. Lu
Q. Wang
Visiting Scholar: Dr. Zineb Saghi (Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Electron Tomography) USC Provost Office 21400-A102 $12,931 11/17/15 10/31/16 Binev, Peter G.
Mathematical modeling and computational studies for proliferation kinetics of tumor growth. SC Research Foundation 21400-E100 $15,000 05/16/13 09/15/14 Liu, Xinfeng
Mathematical Modeling of Plant Responses to Multiple Stress Signals SC Research Foundation 21400-E101 $15,000 05/15/14 09/15/16 Vasquez, Paula J. Stratmann
Reduced Order Modeling of Complex Fluid Flows SC Research Foundation 21400-E102 $13,989 05/16/15 08/15/16 Wang, Zhu
Modeling, algorithm developments and simulations for two-phase ferrofluid flows USC VP for Research 21400-E103 $15,000 07/01/18 09/30/19 Yang, Xiaofeng
Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics II National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1000475 21400-FA00 $175,930 07/01/10 06/30/13 Székely, László L. Lu
Thermal Control of Flow-Processing in Rigid-Rod Nano-Composites. Univ of North Carolina at Chapell Hill/US Army/DOD 5-36929 21400-FA01 $75,125 06/15/10 07/31/12 Yang, Xiaofeng
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Studies for Cell Signaling National Science Foundation (NSF) 1019544 21400-FA03 $125,445 09/01/10 08/31/14 Liu, Xinfeng
Collaborative Research: STEM Real World Applications of Mathematics National Science Foundation (NSF) 1020692 21400-FA04 $87,999 10/01/10 09/30/13 Lu, Linyuan Lincoln J. Cooper
Velocity Computation from Endoscopic Images of Throat Clearing, Coughing, and Alternative Behaviors Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)/NIH/NIDCD MUSC10-061 21400-FA05 $15,297 10/01/10 12/31/12 Deliyski, Dimitar P. Petrushev
Collaborative Research: Maplets for Calculus (M4C) National Science Foundation (NSF) DUE-1123170 21400-FA07 $205,585 09/01/11 08/31/16 Meade, Douglas E. Dickey
Polynomial Problems in Analytic Number Theory National Security Agency (NSA) H98230-12-1-0240 21400-FA08 $42,753 01/11/12 07/09/14 Filaseta, Michael
Multiscale Mathematics for Nano-Particle-Endowed Active Membranes and Films AFOSR / DOD FA9550-12-1-0178 21400-FA09 $810,001 05/01/12 04/30/16 Wang, Qi X. Yang
Greedy Approximation in Banach Spaces and Compressed Sensing National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1160841 21400-FA10 $211,452 07/01/12 06/30/15 Temlyakov, Vladimir
Representation and Approximation of Functions in Nonclassical and Anisotropic Settings with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1211528 21400-FA11 $170,011 06/01/12 05/31/16 Petrushev, Pencho
Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES) DOE/ Los Alamos National Lab 19185 21400-FA12 $348,420 06/15/12 06/14/17 Ju, Lili
Ensemble-Based Modeling of Large Graphs and Its Applications to Social Networks Notre Dame / DARPA ND-202016 21400-FA13 $351,198 08/01/12 04/30/15 Székely, László É. Czabarka
Numerical Improvements, Mesh Adaptation and Parameter Identification for Parallel Finite Element Stokes Ice Sheet Modeling National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1215659 21400-FA14 $157,618 08/01/12 07/31/15 Ju, Lili
Highly Effective Compression and Evaluation of Geodetic Quantities National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)/DOD HM01771210004 21400-FA15 $750,000 08/15/12 08/14/17 Petrushev, Pencho
Development and Analysis of Fast Numerical Methods for Fractional Diffusion and Advection-Diffusion Equations National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1216923 21400-FA16 $240,000 09/01/12 08/31/16 Wang, Hong
ATD Collaborative Research: Theory and Algorithms for High Dimensional Learning National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1222390 21400-FA17 $300,000 09/01/12 08/31/16 Binev, Peter G. J. Ebalunode
W. Dahmen
Collaborative Research: Experimentally Guided Mathematics for the Mechanochemistry of Cell Shape Dynamics National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1200487 21400-FA18 $591,213 09/15/12 08/31/17 Wang, Qi X. Yang
In Silico Analysis of Multicellular Aggregate Fusion Using Field and Agent-Based Models SC EPSCoR/IDeA Program (GEAR) 21400-FA19 $50,000 10/01/12 06/30/13 Wang, Qi X. Liu
Y. Sun
X. Yang
Cytoskeletal Oscillations: Mathematical Modeling Integrated with Experiments. UNC Chapel Hill / NIH 5-33150 21400-FA20 $107,406 09/24/12 08/31/17 Wang, Qi
Spectral, Probabilistic, and Information-theoretic Analysis for Graphs and Hypergraphs ONR N00014-13-1-0717 21400-FA21 $196,226 08/01/13 11/29/15 Lu, Linyuan Lincoln
Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1300547 21400-FA22 $184,111 08/01/13 07/31/17 Székely, László L. Lu
Multiscale Computational Methods with Applications in Materials Science and Tissue Engineering National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1318866 21400-FA23 $158,038 09/01/13 08/31/17 Sun, Yi
Mathematical Modeling and Computational Studies for Proliferation Kinetics of Cancer Tumor Growth with Spatial-Temporal Dynamics National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1308948 21400-FA24 $192,674 09/01/13 08/31/17 Liu, Xinfeng
Number Theoretic Problems on Polynomials National Security Agency (NSA) H98230-14-1-0123 21400-FA25 $22,537 03/28/14 09/23/15 Filaseta, Michael
Collaborative Research: Phase-field Models, Algorithms and Simulations for Multiphase Complex Fluids National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1418898 21400-FA26 $100,000 09/01/14 08/31/18 Yang, Xiaofeng
Collaborative Research: A Molecular-to-Continuum, Data-Driven Strategy for Mucus Transport Modeling National Science Foundation (NSF) DMS-1410047 21400-FA27 $210,000 09/15/14 08/31/18 Vasquez, Paula
A 3D Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Model for Cellular Aggregate Fusion SC EPSCoR / IDeA / NSF 14-057 21400-FA28 $27,000 10/01/14 03/31/16 Wang, Qi Y. Sun
AEO-Light 2.0: An Open Source Application for Image-Based Digital Reproduction of Optical Film Sound National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) PR-50207-15 21400-FA29 $222,146 01/01/15 12/31/17 Wilsbacher, Greg P. Petrushev
Polynomial Research in Number Theory Nationa Security Agency (NSA) / DOD H98230-15-1-0017 21400-FA30 $14,105 03/27/15 08/31/16 Filaseta, Michael
Fast and Stable Compact Exponential Time Difference Based Methods for Some Parabolic Equations National Science Foundation (NSF) 1521965 21400-FA31 $200,954 08/01/15 07/31/18 Ju, Lili
Collaborative Research: Reduced Order Modeling of Realistic Noisy Flows National Science Foundation (NSF) 1522672 21400-FA32 $111,258 08/01/15 07/31/18 Wang, Zhu
Collaborative Research: Kinetic to Continuum Modeling of Active Anisotropic Fluids National Science Foundation (NSF) 1517347 21400-FA33 $174,300 09/15/15 08/31/18 Wang, Qi
Fractional PDEs for Convservation Laws and Beyond: Theory, Numberics and Applications ONR MURI / Brown University 00000851 21400-FA34 $337,349 09/23/15 09/22/18 Wang, Hong
Constructive Approximation and Harmonic Analysis National Science Foundation (NSF) 1613790 21400-FA35 $26,298 03/15/16 02/28/18 Temlyakov, Vladimir
Hybrid Computational Methods and Algorithms for Complex Biological Systems National Science Foundation (NSF) 1620212 21400-FA36 $165,741 09/01/16 08/31/19 Sun, Yi
Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics with Applications II National Science Foundation (NSF) 1600811 21400-FA37 $180,000 07/01/16 06/30/19 Székely, László L. Lu
Grid Generation, Coupling Strategies, and Spatially-dependent Time Stepping for Ocean–tidal/Estuary Systems and other ESM Components US Department of Energy DE-SC0016540 21400-FA38 $389,857 09/01/16 08/31/18 Ju, Lili Z. Wang
Fractional PDEs and related nonlocal models: fast numerical methods, analysis, and application National Science Foundation (NSF) 1620194 21400-FA39 $249,999 10/01/16 09/30/19 Wang, Hong G. Wang
Fractional PDEs for Conservation Laws and Beyond: Theory, Numerics and Applications Brown University / ONR MURI 00001032 21400-FA40 $71,963 02/01/17 07/31/17 Wang, Hong
Collaborative Research: Efficient, Stable and Accurate Numerical Algorithms for a class of Gradient Flow Systems and their Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720212 21400-FA41 $159,996 07/01/17 06/30/20 Yang, Xiaofeng
Optimal Convergence Rates for hp-Adaptivity National Science Foundation (NSF) 1720297 21400-FA42 $275,000 06/15/17 05/31/20 Binev, Peter G. W. Dahmen
Hypergraph-based Causal Modeling Office of Naval Research (ONR) N00014-17-1-2842 21400-FA43 / 15590-FB33 $100,000 09/01/17 08/31/18 Lu, Linyuan Lincoln M. Valtorta
Nonlinear Approximation in Geometric, Harmonic and Anisotropic Settings with Applications National Science Foundation (NSF) 1714369 21400-FA44 $162,941 08/15/17 07/31/20 Petrushev, Pencho
Highly Effective Computational Methods in Geomagnetic Field Modeling National Geospatial Agency (NGA) HM04761812002 21400-FA45 $151,465 02/22/18 02/21/20 Petrushev, Pencho
Subaward to: Quantifying NETosis Via Automated High Content Imaging Assay And Neural Networks Epicypher / UNC Chapel Hill / NIH STTR 1R41AI131840 21400-FA46 $35,000 05/16/18 01/31/19 Cooper, Joshua
Collaborative Research: Computational Modeling of How Living Cells Utilize Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation to Organize Chemical Compartments National Science Foundation (NSF) 1815921 21400-FA47 $150,000 06/01/18 05/31/21 Wang, Qi
Twenty-Eighth Cumberland Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing National Science Foundation (NSF) 1500991 21400-FJ00 $15,000 03/01/15 02/29/16 Lu, Linyuan Lincoln É. Czabarka
CBMS Conference: Additive Combinatorics from a Geometric Viewpoint National Science Foundation (NSF) 1743625 21400-FJ01 $35,000 01/01/18 12/31/18 Székely, László É. Czabarka
F. Thorne
The Ninth Annual Graduate Student Mini-conference in Computational Mathematics National Science Foundation (NSF) 1748357 21400-FJ02 $7,280 01/01/18 12/31/18 Wang, Zhu L. Ju
Modeling and Simulation of Organ Biofabrication Processes SC EPSCoR/IDeA Program 20030194 21400-GA00 $85,000 07/01/11 06/30/12 Wang, Qi X. Liu
X. Yang
Expansion of the RII Track I Middleware Training Program to Primarily Undergraduate Institutions SCRA/SC EPSCoR 20030194 21400-GJ00 $11,362 03/01/12 08/31/12 Sharpley, Robert C. C. Bennett
J. Ebalunode
N. Sergueev
Poset-free Families Simons Foundation 282896 21400-KA00 $35,000 09/01/13 08/31/18 Griggs, Jerrold R.
Computational Investigation of Cell-Substrate Interaction Guided by Experiments (GEAR-CI) SC EPSCoR / IDeA 13-059 21400-LA00 $57,778 05/01/13 08/31/14 Wang, Qi Q. Wang
X. Yang
Experimentally Guided In-Silico Analysis of Cellular Aggregate Fusion in Bioprinting (GEAR-CRP) SC EPSCoR/ IDeA 13-046 21400-LA01 $100,000 04/01/13 08/31/14 Wang, Qi Y. Sun
An Open Source Application for Image-Based Digital Reproduction of Optical Film Sound (Summary) National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) PR-50122-11 30000-FA12 $300,000 04/01/11 09/30/13 Wilsbacher, Greg M. Cooper
B. Karaivanov
P. Petrushev
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