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Example Videos

The video samples below were all processed by AEO-Light from original 2K+ scans made on a Kinetta Archival Film Scanner. The source files were either .dpx or .avi (Cineform). The resulting files have been resized for the web.

Click on a thumbnail to open the video in a new window.

Fox Movietone News Collection, Benito Mussolini (1931), 35 mm camera negative, variable density (inverted during scan).
Fox Movietone News Collection, "Mountain Minstrels" (1928), 35 mm camera negative, variable density.
C. E. Feltner Collection, Kennedy in Berlin (1963), 35 mm duplicate negative, variable area - dual bilateral.
C. E. Feltner Collection, German Newsreel (1940), 35 mm positive, variable area – Siemens-Halske.
WIS Television News, Gov. Hollings Press Conference (1959), 16 mm reversal, variable area—Auricon.
Harry and William Birch Collection, “Midwest Metropolis” (1948), 16 mm positive, variable area—Duplex.
Harry and William Birch Collection, "Miscellany Reel #3" (1960), 16 mm positive, variable density.
Harry and William Birch Collection, “Steam Engine Spots” (undated), 16 mm negative, variable area—Auricon

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