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Brittany Braddock was the project's scanning and testing technician. A Columbia, SC native, Brittany holds a BA in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina.

L. Scott Johnson is the project's chief programmer and research lab manager for the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute (IMI).

Pencho Petrushev is Co-PI, Director of the IMI and Professor in the Department of Mathematics, USC. His areas of expertise are Harmonic Analysis, Approximation Theory and their applications, in particular to signal and image processing.

Greg Wilsbacher is the project PI and Curator of Newsfilm Collections for MIRC. A leading force in MIRC's digital preservation efforts, Greg has been an active participant in the national conversation about the challenges and value of preserving newsfilm.


Tommy Aschenbach is founder and president of Video and Film Solutions and owner of Colorlab, Inc. He is a noted expert in film preservation and is especially renowned for his work developing digital tools for preserving moving image content.

Advisory Board

Dimitar Deliyski is an MSU Foundation Professor and Chair of the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at Michigan State University. Dr. Deliyski’s research interests have been focused on improving the clinical assessment of voice and speech disorders, refining our understanding of the mechanisms of voice production, creating new methods for computer imaging of the vocal folds and for acoustic analysis of voice and speech, and improving the methods for speech recognition.

Bob Heiber, now retired, was Vice-President Audio / DDM at Chace Audio by Deluxe, which he joined in 1990. A member of AMIA, SMPTE, and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Bob has also served on the National Film Preservation Board Advisory Task Force and the Library of Congress panel for the State of American Television and Video Preservation.

Ralph Sargent III founded Film Technology Co., one of the leading film, video, and sound restoration laboratories in the United States. He is the author of the landmark “Preserving the Moving Image” published by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1974.

Ken Weissman is supervisor of the Film Preservation Library at the Library of Congress’s Culpepper, VA Packard Campus for Audio Visual Preservation and leading authority on film preservation. He has worked for the Library of Congress since 1981.

Special Thanks To

Mark Garett Cooper, Borislav Karaivanov, Howard Besser, Carolyn Frick, Rick Prelinger, Shai Drori, Skip Elsheimer, Jeff Kreines, Diana Little, Amilcar de Carmo, Robert Gilmore, Inna Koslov, Jeff Mather, Alexander Petukhov, and Paisa Aeelaungsawat.

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