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Name Title Type Phone Room
Bennett, Colin Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) 803-777-8034 LC 400C
Binev, Peter G. Professor Member (R) 803-576-6269 / 803-576-6304 LC 425 / SUM 206H
Blanco-Silva, Francisco Instructor Member (A) 803-777-0283 LC 314D
Brylev, Alexander Research Associate Staff 803-576-6397 SUM 206D
Cooper, Joshua Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7514 LC 317I
Czabarka, Éva Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7524 LC 420
Dahmen, Wolfgang Professor, Director for International Research Visitor 803-576-5630 / 803-576-6349 SUM 206F
DeVore, Ronald A. The Walter E. Koss Professor and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Member (R) 979-845-5098 Blocker Building, Rm 608F
Deliyski, Dimitar MSU Foundation Professor Member (A)
Diaz, Diana Business Manager / Program Coordinator II Admin 803-576-5800 LC 429B
Dix, Daniel Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7525 LC 400E
Filaseta, Michael Professor Member (R) 803-777-7464 LC 317D
Griggs, Jerrold R. Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6764 LC 306
Gudkov, Vladimir Professor Member (R) 803-576-5573 PSC 401
Guo, Xu Postdoctoral Fellow Staff 803-777-5965 LC 418B
Hoang, Thi Thao Phuong Visiting Research Assistant Professor Staff 803-576-5799 LC 418D
Ivanov, Kamen Visiting Research Professor Staff 803-576-6303 SUM 206C
Johnson, L. Scott Assistant Research Director, Academic Program Manager Staff 803-777-0181 SUM 206E
Ju, Lili Professor Member (R) 803-576-5797 LC 424
Li, Hongwei Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-7731 LC 418C
Liu, Shuang Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Liu, Xinfeng Associate Professor Member (R) 803-576-5849 LC 317Q
Lu, Linyuan Lincoln Professor Member (R) 803-576-5822 LC 400I
Luo, Yan Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-7730 LC 426
McGuire, Ian Undergraduate Research Assistant Student
Meade, Douglas Associate Dean for Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment / Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-1334 / 803-777-6183 Petigru 321 / LC 317L
Oskolkov, Konstantin I. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) LC 309D
Palmer, Erik Graduate Research Assistant Student 803-777-4636 LC 313A
Petrushev, Pencho Professor, Director Member (R) 803-777-6686 LC 427
Sharpley, Robert C. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) 803-777-6436 SUM 206I
Sun, Yi Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7636 LC 423
Sutton, Michael A. Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-7158 300 Main St, A129
Székely, László Professor Member (R) 803-777-6262 LC 305
Temlyakov, Vladimir Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6456 LC 317P
Trifonov, Ognian Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-3882 LC 308
Vasquez, Paula Assistant Professor Member (R) 803-777-2632 LC 313D
Vogt, Thomas Educational Foundation Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-1151 GRSC 529
Wang, Hong Professor Member (R) 803-777-4321 LC 421
Wang, Qi College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6268 / 803-777-2217 LC 313C / SUM 103
Wang, Zhu Assistant Professor Member (R) 803-576-5985 LC 422
Yang, Xiaofeng Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-3776 LC 317C
Yang, Xu Visitor LC 429C
Yuan, Shuai Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Zhang, Chenfei Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Zhao, Meng Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-6084 LC 313B
Zhao, Xueping Graduate Research Assistant Student 803-777-4636 LC 313A
Zhou, Chunbao Visiting Research Associate Staff 803-576-6084 LC 313B

Member (R): Regular Member.
Member (A): Associate Member.

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