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Daniel Dix

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Mathematics
  • University of South Carolina


Ph.D. Mathematics University of Chicago 1988
M.S. Mathematics University of Chicago 1984
B.S. Mathematics University of South Alabama 1980


1997 – Present Associate Professor Department of Mathematics, Univ. of South Carolina
1991 – 1997 Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, Univ. of South Carolina
1989 – 1991 Postdoctoral Scholar Pennsylvania State University
1988 – 1989 Postdoctoral Member Institute for Mathematics and its Applications


Research Interests

  • mathematical chemistry, molecular quantum mechanics, molecular geometry, molecular dynamics
  • protein dynamics and folding, statistical mechanics
  • mathematical cellular biology, systems biology
  • initial value problems for partial differential equations governing the evolution of nonlinear waves, asymptotic behavior of solutions, solutions with special symmetry, completely integrable equations, and solutions


Teaching Activities

Current Courses

  • Math 242 - Differential Equations
  • Math 550 - Vector Analysis

Previous Courses

  • Math 122 - Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences
  • Math 141 - Calculus I
  • Math 142 - Calculus II
  • Math 241 - Vector Calculus
  • Math 242 - Elementary Differential Equations
  • Math 511 - Probability
  • Math 524 - Nonlinear Optimization
  • Math 550 - Vector Analysis
  • Math 570 - Linear Programming
  • Math 728A - Selected Topics: Biomolecular Geometry
  • Math 728B - Selected Topics: Biomolecular Simulation
  • Math 728G - Selected Topics: Stochastic Models of Biomolecular Systems


Honors and Other Special Scientific Recognition

  • Developed with the help of graphics programmer Scott Johnson with funding from the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute at the University of South Carolina a computer program, IMIMOL, for building and manipulating the geometry of macromolecules. It is a tool for research and teaching. With the help of undergraduate Matthew Hielsberg, the program VMD was modified to allow easy manipulation and visualization of molecular geometries via CAVE technology.


5 Selected Publications

  • Daniel B. Dix, Sharp Large-Time Asymptotics of the Correlation Integral in the Sus- pended Flow over a Hyperbolic Toral Automorphism, preprint, 2007.
  • Daniel B. Dix, Polyspherical Coordinates on Orbit Spaces with Applications to Biomolec- ular Conformation, Acta Appl. Math., 90, (2006), 247–306.
  • Daniel B. Dix, Large-time Behavior of Solutions of Burgers’ Equation, Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh, 132A (2002), 843–878.
  • Daniel B. Dix, Large-Time Behavior of Solutions of Linear Dispersive Equations, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1668, (1997), 203 pages.
  • Daniel B. Dix, The Dissipation of Nonlinear Dispersive Waves: The Case of Asymp- totically Weak Nonlinearity , Comm. P.D.E. 17 (1992), 1665–1693.


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