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Pencho Petrushev


Pencho Petrushev

Office: LC 427
Phone: 803-777-6686
Wolfgang Dahmen

Director for International Research

Wolfgang Dahmen

Office: LC 317H / SUM 206F
Phone: 803-576-5630 / 803-576-6349
L. Scott Johnson

Assistant Research Director / Academic Program Manager

L. Scott Johnson

Office: SUM 206E
Phone: 803-777-0181

Manages and directs the development of prototype applications supporting mathematical research for the IMI. Duties include:

  • Support IMI research by overseeing the design, development, analysis, testing, and software implementation of prototype proof-of-principle mathematical and computational algorithms.
  • Maintain independent and collaborative research in computational mathematics and its applications for IMI faculty projects and develop strong interdisciplinary interactions with private industry, government institutions, and collaborating colleges/universities.
  • Oversee the analysis, testing, design, and implementation of computer software within IMI.
  • Assist in the preparation of research presentations, white papers, proposals, and grant reports.
  • Perform new product research and provide technical advice on graphics and high performance computing equipment acquisition.
Diana Diaz

Business Manager / Program Coordinator II

Diana Diaz

Office: LC 429B
Phone: 803-576-5800

  • Administrative: Coordinates all financial and administrative activities to include:
    • management of all funds (federal, state and private);
    • assisting Institute investigators with grant proposal preparation and submission;
    • management of all personnel / payroll matters;
    • coordinating activities related to procurement, travel, accounts payable and receivable;
    • providing administrative support for Institute Director and staff.
  • Programmatic: Oversees logistical management of program activities to include:
    • coordinating special projects promoting the mission and objectives of the center (faculty searches, seminars, conferences, fund raising activities, collaborations with external organizations);
    • making logistical arrangements for training programs & conferences;
    • developing and maintaining promotional materials.

  • Founding Director: Under the Directorship of Ronald A. DeVore (the IMI's Founding Director), formal establishment of the IMI as an Institute was granted by the Commission on Higher Education in March 2000.

  • Executive Committee: An Executive Committee consisting of five Regular Members (elected by the voting membership) and the Director ex officio, oversee matters pertaining to policy, membership, visitor selection and annual expenditures. Each elected member serves a two-year term. Following are the current elected Executive Committee members:

    Elected Member Term Ends
    Wolfgang Dahmen, Chair 9-15-2019
    Lili Ju
    Linyuan Lu 9-15-2018
    Thomas Vogt 9-15-2018
    Qi Wang 9-15-2019

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