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L. Scott Johnson

  • Assistant Research Director
  • Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute
  • University of South Carolina

  • Academic Program Manager
  • Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute
  • University of South Carolina


Manages and directs the development of prototype applications supporting mathematical research for the IMI. Duties include:

  • Support IMI research by overseeing the design, development, analysis, testing, and software implementation of prototype proof-of-principle mathematical and computational algorithms.
  • Maintain independent and collaborative research in computational mathematics and its applications for IMI faculty projects and develop strong interdisciplinary interactions with private industry, government institutions, and collaborating colleges/universities.
  • Oversee the analysis, testing, design, and implementation of computer software within IMI.
  • Assist in the preparation of research presentations, white papers, proposals, and grant reports.
  • Perform new product research and provide technical advice on graphics and high performance computing equipment acquisition.


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