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Name Title Type Phone Room
Bennett, Colin Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) 803-777-8034 LC 400C
Binev, Peter G. Professor Member (R) 803-576-6269 / 803-576-6304 LC 425 / SUM 206H
Blanco-Silva, Francisco Instructor Member (A) 803-777-0283 LC 314D
Brylev, Alexander Research Associate Staff 803-576-6397 SUM 206D
Cooper, Joshua Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7514 LC 317I
Czabarka, Éva Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7524 LC 420
Dahmen, Wolfgang Professor, Director for International Research Member (R) 803-576-5630 / 803-576-6349 LC 317H / SUM 206F
DeVore, Ronald A. The Walter E. Koss Professor and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Member (R) 979-845-5098 Blocker Building, Rm 608F
Deliyski, Dimitar MSU Foundation Professor Member (A)
Diaz, Diana Business Manager / Program Coordinator II Admin 803-576-5800 LC 429B
Dix, Daniel Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7525 LC 400E
Filaseta, Michael Professor Member (R) 803-777-7464 LC 317D
Griggs, Jerrold R. Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6764 LC 306
Gudkov, Vladimir Professor Member (R) 803-576-5573 PSC 401
Guo, Xu Postdoctoral Fellow Staff 803-777-5965 LC 418B
Hoang, Thi Thao Phuong Visiting Research Assistant Professor Staff 803-576-5799 LC 418D
Ivanov, Kamen Visiting Research Professor Staff 803-576-6303 SUM 206C
Johnson, L. Scott Assistant Research Director, Academic Program Manager Staff 803-777-0181 SUM 206E
Ju, Lili Professor Member (R) 803-576-5797 LC 424
Li, Hongwei Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-7731 LC 418C
Liu, Shuang Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Liu, Xinfeng Associate Professor Member (R) 803-576-5849 LC 317Q
Lu, Linyuan Lincoln Professor Member (R) 803-576-5822 LC 400I
Luo, Yan Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-7730 LC 426
Meade, Douglas Associate Dean for Instruction, Curriculum, and Assessment / Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-1334 / 803-777-6183 Petigru 321 / LC 317L
Oskolkov, Konstantin I. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) LC 309D
Palmer, Erik Graduate Research Assistant Student 803-777-4636 LC 313A
Petrushev, Pencho Professor, Director Member (R) 803-777-6686 LC 427
Sharpley, Robert C. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Member (R) 803-777-6436 SUM 206I
Sun, Yi Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-7636 LC 423
Sutton, Michael A. Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-7158 300 Main St, A129
Székely, László Professor Member (R) 803-777-6262 LC 305
Temlyakov, Vladimir Carolina Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6456 LC 317P
Trifonov, Ognian Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-3882 LC 308
Vasquez, Paula Assistant Professor Member (R) 803-777-2632 LC 313D
Vogt, Thomas Educational Foundation Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-1151 GRSC 529
Wang, Hong Professor Member (R) 803-777-4321 LC 421
Wang, Qi College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Member (R) 803-777-6268 / 803-777-2217 LC 313C / SUM 103
Wang, Zhu Assistant Professor Member (R) 803-576-5985 LC 422
Yang, Xiaofeng Associate Professor Member (R) 803-777-3776 LC 317C
Yuan, Shuai Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Zhang, Chenfei Graduate Research Assistant Student LC 418A
Zhao, Meng Visiting Research Associate Visitor 803-576-6084 LC 313B
Zhao, Xueping Graduate Research Assistant Student 803-777-4636 LC 313A
Zhou, Chunbao Visiting Research Associate Staff 803-576-6084 LC 313B

Member (R): Regular Member.
Member (A): Associate Member.

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