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Ronald A. DeVore

  • The Walter E. Koss Professor and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Texas A&M University

College Station, TX 77840 USA


Ph.D. Mathematics Ohio State University 1967
B.S. Mathematics Eastern Michigan University 1964


2010 – Present Distinguished Professor Texas A&M University
2008 – Present Walter E. Koss Professor Texas A&M University
2005 – Present Robert L. Sumwalt Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of South Carolina
1999 – 2005 Director, Industrial Mathematics Institute University of South Carolina
1986 – 2005 Robert L. Sumwalt Professor of Mathematics University of South Carolina
1977 – 1986 Professor University of South Carolina
1974 – 1977 Professor Oakland University
1970 – 1974 Associate Professor Oakland University
1968 – 1970 Assistant Professor Oakland University


Current Projects

  • Model Classes, Approximation, and Metrics for Dynamic Processing of Urban Terrain Data
  • Collaboration for Mathematical Geosciences: Development of New Statistical Learning Theory and Techniques for Improvement of Convection Parameterization in Climate Models
  • Software for Generating Geometrically and Topologically Accurate Urban Terrain Models Using Implicit Methods
  • Fundamental Questions in Compressed Sensing
  • Fast Computational Algorithms in High Dimensions
  • Computational Foundation for Investigations in Capturing Sparsity in Very High Dimensions


Honors and Other Special Scientific Recognition

  • 2011 - La Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris Gold Medal
  • Elected 2007 - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2007 - SPIE Wavelet Pioneer Award
  • 2006 - Plenary Lecturer, Internation Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid
  • 2004 - Honorary Doctorate, RWTH-Aachen
  • 2003 - ICS Hot Paper Award
  • 2002 - Alexander von Humboldt Research Award
  • Elected 2001 - American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 2001 - Bulgarian Gold Medal of Science
  • 2000 - Journal of Complexity Outstanding Paper Award
  • 1975-1976 - Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship
  • 1964-1967 - NDEA Fellow


5 Selected Publications

  • (with A. Chkifa, A. Cohen, R. DeVore, and C. Schwab), Sparse Adaptive Taylor Approximation Algorithms for Parametric and Stochastic Elliptic PDEs, submitted.
  • (with A. Belochitski, P. Binev, M. Fox-Rabinovitz, V. Krasnopolski, and P. Lamby) Tree Approximation of the Long Wave Radiation Parameterization in the NCAR CAM Global Climate Model, Journal of Computation and Applied Mathematics, to appear.
  • (with P. Binev, W. Dahmen, P. Lamby, D. Savu, R. Sharpley) Compressed Sensing and Electron Microscopy, to appear in "Imaging at the Edge - Nanoscale Imaging in Electron Microscopy", Springer, 2011.
  • (with P. Binev, A. Cohen, W. Dahmen, G. Petrova, and P. Wojtaszczyk), Convergence Rates for Greedy Algorithms in Reduced Basis Methods, SIAM J. Math. Anal. 43 (2011), 1457-1472.
  • (with A. Cohen, I. Daubechies, G. Kerkyacharian, and D. Picard), Capturing Ridge Functions in High Dimensions from Point Queries, Constructive Approximation, to appear.


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