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Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

External Faculty serving IMI in an advisory capacity

  • Steven F. Ashby, Deputy Principal Associate Director for Science and Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Founding Director, Center for Applied Scientific Computing at LLNL.

  • Robert Calderbank, Dean of Natural Sciences, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University. Phillip Griffiths Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical & Computer Engineering, Duke University.

  • M. Gregory Forest, Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics & Biomedical Engineering and Co-Director, Institute for Advanced Materials, NanoScience and Technology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  • Fred S. Roberts, Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University; Director Emeritus and Special Advisor of DIMACS; Director of Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence CCICADA.

  • Ridgway Scott, Louis Block Professor, Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago.

  • Gilbert Strang, Professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  • Eitan Tadmor, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Mathematics, Institute for Physical Science & Technology; Director, Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling (CSCAMM), University of Maryland.

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